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Friday, February 5, 2010

Precinct Delegate Work (Fun)

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Thursday started out as always by having breakfast with the Carmen Group - 8am at Carmen’s. The group talk was all about Jennie’s state of the state. Some thought “pathological liar” was an appropriate term. I brought up the idea of “trickle down lying” which I thought nicely tied together the recent State of the Union speech. Bob Scolnik one of our County Commissioners showed up late (he wasn’t in the picture above). Bob had attended the actual event with State Rep Goeff Hansen. Bob talked about how well Jennifer presented her case, and how well she spoke.

We had a new person show up; Scott Tillman who is running for Goeff’s 100th State House seat. Scott makes the 4th entry into the Republican primary race. See Bottom Up Politics Candidate page for the rundown of who’s running.

While we in Muskegon County aren’t in his district, I had met him and invited him because he seems to be interested in good political talk. He is a coalition builder so I invited him and he showed up and did seem to have a good time talking politics with us.

Here is a link to the Calendar of events for this and all the Five County events I can find covering Mason, Muskegon, Lake, Newaygo, and Oceana Counties. As you can see Manistee is drawing me into their circle. As the Godfather says “They just keep drawing me back in” lol. Might have to make Bottom Up Politics the Information hub for the Six Counties.

When I got home I got a call from Ron Cooper who drives the truck for Bill Cooper’s “Thanks a Million” food truck program. Ron and I had talked during Republican sponsored food truck of their's Jan 23rd. (the Musk. County Republicans paid for half the costs) and 35 of us helped distribute 10,000 lbs of food that Sat in little over 1 hour. This guy is real old school, a man after my heart.
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Ron being a farmer hates to see anything go to waste. He has been trying to come up with up to 25 places throughout the district through which he can distribute any food that gets left over from the 100 food truck events so that it will still find a way to those who will use it. Ron is doing this all on his own; most would just find a dumpster to put it in.

If you follow this blog you know one of my dearest friends is Marion who runs a (basically) one man food pantry through his Nelson Community Association. He has fund raisers I help with such as a parking lot during Summer Celebration, and putting candles out at different downtown Muskegon location Christmas Eve. He also has a plant giveaway each spring in which we hound the local nurseries from Montague to Spring Lake for free veggies. He sells them to local neighbors at $2 a flat. The leftovers again we make good use of.

Anyway I hooked up Ron with Marion. Also I hooked up Ron and Pastor Jonathon Phillips of a local small church who has been building his congregation thru out-reach efforts in my precinct. He was the Pastor that let us use his property for our Love Community Garden, and who has helped that project along; about which again I’ve blogged incessantly about. Lol. Anyway Pastor Phillips has a great group of parishioners who are willing to put faith where their mouths are and get out and work. They will do the work to insure that the leftover food gets to those in the neighborhood who will use it.

This all took around an hour of my time. When I ask myself and people who read this blog; what can I do today? Well this is the way I answer; there are millions of ways others can and do answer. For me blogging and politics has been my vehicle.

Here BTW is a link to my bottom up calendar for the events coming up in the “Five Counties”.


Thursday night I headed to Newaygo for the Newaygo County GOP meeting.

Nice group of people at the meeting. A nice mix of Tea Party people sprinkled in. Goeff Hansen was there and all four of the Republican candidates hoping to fill his seat when it becomes empty this Jan.

The regular business stuff was covered and the candidates all had a chance to say how their campaigns were going. They all seemed to be doing nicely, but there was surely an undercurrent of competition running through the room.

Windmills were talked about a lot and the Governor’s State of the State address was discussed. Hansen came up with the best line when he thought they should encircle the Capital with windmills to make use of all the hot air blowing forth.

It is just this blogger’s opinion but of the “Five Counties” Newaygo shows the conservative/liberal split in the Republican party the most or at least it is the most out in the open. But I hasten to point out any differences were handled with a smile. The meeting was cordial and everyone left pleased. The meeting was to the point and concluded on time.

Long drive back home.

Regards,From a Tired PD
Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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