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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Muskegon has a Tea Party Again

Muskegon has a Tea Party Again

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Susie Hughes hosted a meeting of the Muskegon Patriots. This was a newly reorganized group restarted with 4 original members and 2 new people. Believe me we all were anxious as to how many would show up.

We did end up with about 40 people and they seemed interested in doing things.

Chris Kaijala was MC and kept things flowing. Three of the new start up or steering committee members weren’t there for various reasons; but they had things they wanted discussed so we had some double duty. Jim Riley through me presented our next committee event for Aug. 9th, at the AMG building at 7pm.
The meeting will be how we can get involved in the County Government.

I talked real shortly about Precinct Delegates and will set up a Committee event in the very near future. Also about a proposed state Constitutional Amendment.

Susie talked of her idea for a web based “Business sponsorship” button on our site. Then she talked of LeRoy’s efforts in the Facebook and Twitter communities and building a presence there.

Did I forget to tell you Susie and her husband John are members of the Safari Club and also big game hunters.

Chris provided some good commentary and also with his laptop and Susie’s flat screen provided a virtual flag and national anthem along with a brief speech from youtube.

Chris then moderated a discussion from the audience about ideas of what the Muskegon Patriots should be doing in the near future.

Lots of things were talked about such as forming a “Weak Sheep Committee” to pick a week County Commissioner with far left ideas and cull that sheep from the flock. That was Chris’s idea and that really sounded like a great idea and great name. Weak Sheep – oh yeah.

The new faces in the group brought up some good ideas for Committee Events such as a Forum or Townhall on Property Taxes, having a Candidate forum, a website committee, fund raising committee and the list was quite long. What we do will be determined by those people making the suggestions.

The idea in my mind is to set up basic infrastructure which makes it easier for people who have a good idea to run with it. It is about getting frustrated people the tools to do something about what frustrates them.

The main thing decided or in the works was that;
1. The next Muskegon Patriots monthly meeting date will March 30th. Time and place to be announced as we find out.
2. Jim Riley’s event “Muskegon Patriots County Action Committee” will have its first meeting March 9th, 7pm at the AMG building 800 Ellis Rd.
A. This meeting will give us the tools we need to begin to make a difference in the County Gov.
B. Contact Jim Riley 231-557-9912 for more info. and or to let him know you’re coming.
To keep up with changes and new events go to the link below. This is the events page for the Tea Party of West Michigan. Check out what other Tea Parties are doing, get ideas.


From the same websit above under groups is our Muskegon Patriot group


<<<<<<<< News from last night’s Ottawa Lincoln Day Dinner >>>>>>>>>>>
There was a straw poll taken and my source told me the results for the 2nd Congressional Race

1. Jay Riemersma 1414 votes
2. Bill Cooper 692 votes
3. Bill Huizenga 641 votes
4. Wayne Kuipers 45 votes

For those not familiar with “Straw Polls”; they are not scientific. They are put on by the organization holding the event as a fundraiser. You have to pay to vote. In this case each person could buy one vote which was a block of twenty some votes.

While not scientific, they do point to the message of the candidate that night in the “room” and also to the organization they have. How many volunteers can a candidate bring etc, along with the message he or she brings.

Let’s just say it is always nice to finish first regardless.

BTW Jay Riemersma I was told will be coming to “The Carmen Group” for our weekly breakfast this Thursday 8am. The “Carmen Group” details can be found at

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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