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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

If you can keep it.

Some have been thinking my categorization of the Republican reaction to the Tea Party movement as arrogant and condescending was off base and a figment of my over actife imagination. Well first is a link below in which several Tea Party national leaders all take pot shots at Michael Steele for calling the activist meeting the media labled the Tea Party Republican meeting.


The RNC which Steele leads put up a website titled – Gee wonder why they did that without first asking to use the Tea Party name. The next link says that Steele didn’t know about the site. It wasn’t his fault.


Between those two articles, Chairman Steele has been accused of a lot of things among them arrogant, not taking care of his own business, publicity hound and basically being incompetent and not even trying to understand the Tea Party. That was by all the leaders I know of in the Tea Party movement. In fact I ordered a book by one of them just last week “Rules for Conservative Radicals”.

They along with me wonder if he is our Gaff a minute version of Joe Biden.

So if I call the Republican Party condescending towards the Tea Party at least I’m not alone. The Tea Party isn’t interested in being Republican or Democrat they are Conservative. What I’m afraid of is that I am the only Republican that thinks that way; which leads to my worst fear as I posted before. The Republican Party is seemingly doing everything it can to lose the Tea Party voter block.

Which is like cutting out your own heart.



I blogged the following in May 2008.

“The nut of what I’m trying to say is that it doesn’t matter what party is in power because the people get upset by the arrogance of government. The parties just seem to take turns sharing being disliked by those who voted for them as they merrily increase and make government more inefficient in order IMO to insulate themselves from the scrutiny of the voter.”

Well that frustration has finally found a voice outside of what used to be the only two choices we had; and the people are partying in their new found freedom. They feel liberated because they have an answer to the often repeated hopeless feeling that we feel when we’re told we have no choice.

I’ve had two Republicans already tell me that the Tea Party members will vote Republican anyway. They just don’t get it. They will put up their own candidates in the primary and take away some of the safe Republican seats by trying to defeat Republicans like McCain and others. Even if those candidates may not win the general. This is not a safe year for any incumbent.

Republicans need a message and the action behind it to prove the credibility which they have lost by their actions in the past. Simple backbone is called for once again. Some kid lacking education and polish will turn into another Lincoln or a so so actor will turn into a Reagan. Nature and politics hates a vacuum.

I go back again to the example of Chris Christie’s speech, of Reagan’s unwavering commitment to action upon those beliefs he so eloquently kept simple and on point. Repetition and good works go to character. Character is what we need not just another character spewing clich├ęs and hawking books.

As Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

The Tea Party is reminding us that it can still be up to us to choose our destiny.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

This is a start. signed Wed in time for the start of CPAC


Wish I was there.

Next we need specifics.

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