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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Lincoln Day

Muskegon County Republicans had their annual Lincoln Day Friday evening, 2/12/10. The event featured a forum for the 4 main 2nd Congressional District Republican Candidates. (Bill Cooper, Bill Huizenga, Wayne Kuipers and Jay Riemersma.) This crew has been waging the Primary battle now for awhile. Near the end of the "forum" patience was wearing thin.

I must say that I cannot make up my own mind. I find some really great qualities in every one and none has all the qualities I would find in a perfect candidate.

There was a full house or nearly so and I give a salute to a job well done by our Chair David Farhat, Vice Chair Susie Hughes and Treasurer Jan Koens; plus any and all I missed who helped put this on.

The list is long and awesome as to the political powers within the state that showed up. The headliner of course was Congressman Pete Hoekstra which the latest Rasmussen Poll has Pete back in the lead for the Gubernatorial Race. Secretary of State Terri Lynn Land gave a nice stand in speech for Mike Bouchard and let everyone know too that she was running for Lieutenant Governor. Tom George was there also.

Almost all the candidates were there for SOS, AG and the Trustees; Like I say you couldn't turn around without bumping into someone at least semi famous including State Senate leader Mike Bishop who is running for AG.

State Senator Gerald Van Woerkhom was there with two candidates running for his term limited seat this year; Goeff Hansen and David Farhat.

The two candidates for the 91st state house seat, Ken Punter and Holly Hughes were there as well.

Happily there was a good turnout at the event so in the end the actual citizens outnumbered the candidates.

Below are the pics, I gave up trying to figure out who to cut out so I went ahead and put them all in. If you were there you probably will be in a picture. If not I apologize.

Click on Pics to enlarge.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Ken Punter said...

Thanks for taking the time for the post and the was an interesting time and certainly much different then past Lincoln Days...and even held on the actual birthday of President Lincoln! ...semper fidelis

live dangerously said...

Thanks Ken.

Lots of well dressed folks.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative