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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Went To a Garden Party

Went To a Garden Party

I went to a garden party last night put on by the gardeners of Love Community Garden and the crew from Love Fellowship Baptist Church. Pastor Jonathan Phillips had the honor of grilling the hamburgers and hotdogs. Morning Bear the garden organizer along with people from the church helped set up the tent and tables. (and no Hughes wasn’t in the corner wearing Dylan Shoes)

This was a lower key affair from the earlier parties, I would guess 20-30 people came and enjoyed the day.

Below is a pic. of our new sign I just put up the night before.

One of the major new additions to the garden was our rain water collection system.
The pic. below shows the 55 gallon drums laying down together and dug into the hill. From them runs a buried flex tube snaking up the hill to the church connecting to the new gutter system on the church.

This gutter system will serve two purposes once completed. First it will of course collect the rain water to help us water the garden and second it will draw water away from the foundation of the church and hopefully help the water seepage problem in the Church’s basement.

Paul engineered the barrel collection system and Mike Johnson brought in a backhoe to dig the trench from the church down the hill to the barrels. CAPEK workers are putting up the gutter and fixing the eaves plus a lot of the digging and general clean up.

A new family moved in the precinct and we snagged them as they were walking by. They stayed and enjoyed the meal and their new neighbors.

There was Love and Community last night in the garden in the neighborhood.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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