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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fall “Adopt a Highway” Cleanup Muskegon.

Fall “Adopt a Highway” Cleanup Muskegon.

Sat. morning around 9:10 I made that long trip out to Shaw Rd. and Apple. I clocked it this time and it was 19 miles from my house by Muskegon Highschool. When I got there Ken Punter the Candidate for the 91st House seat was already there with Stuart Peterson who has been putting on this eventr ever since before I started in the Party. Stuart is the Muskegon GOP Secretary.

The pic below is of Stu’s car. This guy is organized, and ready for anything.

Representative Goeff Hansen (R-100th State House) to give us a hand. It works out great with four people as we can divide up into two teams and we get some fellowship. The portion of Apple Ave the Muskegon GOP is responsible for is 2 miles long. Shaw Rd. our meet up/starting point is in the middle of that. Each team walks different ways, down one side for the mile then back the other side. I partnered up with Ken and below is a couple pics of him doing his thing.

Geoff and Stuart went the other way and on our way back we beat them to Shaw Rd. to claim bragging rights and we walked part of their half to help out. Below is a pic of Stuart, Goeff and Ken.

It’s surprising how much faster it goes with 4 instead of 2 – duh – Twice as fast. Lol. Hey alright I wasn’t a math major. Easier to carry the bags which are only half as full. Ok I know enough already.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS If you get a chance; check out the new web site of the Mason County Republicans.

WOW !!!!

Crisp clean and all the info you can use. I talked last night with their gracious Chairman, Eugene J.Jorissen and told him just that. I will be putting up the info for the Mason County Button on my side bar shortly. I just missed a picnic that Mason is putting on Sunday. I wished him the best with that. Hope I can get some pics to put up here from them. But I’ll be putting up their other upcoming events on my calendar button. Check out the site it’s great.

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