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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to my Precinct

As you may know, I live in and am a Precinct Delegate (PD) for Precinct 6, Ward #2 in the City of Muskegon. It is my job as a PD to learn what is going on in my Precinct; to meet my neighbors and local business' and learn what their problems are and to lend a hand where possible. The other part of my job as Precinct Delegate is to impart that knowledge whenever possible to the County Party and any Ccandidates who want to know. Please see link below if you want to be a PD, it's easy.

That is what "Bottom Up Politics" is all about.
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I have been helping out with a Community Garden for a couple years now. Those of you who read this blog know all about it. Some people think this is not a good thing as far as spreading the Conservative message. I don't like the idea of the government funding this kind of thing either. Individuals should be able to do it on their own and if not it shouldn't be done. I know the rhetoric. I believe the rhetoric in an ideal world.

I also know we didn't get to the near socialistic state we now find ourselves in overnight. We were "incrmentalized" into it. As we run out of bribe money to pay for all this free stuff, because we are bankrupting the taxpayers; there is a huge opportunity to "incrementalize" our way back. This garden is one way I chose to plant the seed in the crack in the ashphalt of socialism. As the money runs dry the ashphalt will not be maintained and the seed will root and start to split the crack further. Join me in planting seeds!!

My rhetoric is that community gardens are happening. I joined at the beginning to show that people can do this on their own. Then as the County Health Department became involved I fought that. But the lure of "free" money was too much. The bribe was paid all around to the County Health Department and their staff who got a proportionally huge amount for administering it, and for services in kind to the Garden itself and the Church that owns the land received some upgrading.

The Garden has become a wonderful thing to behold and I'm serious in that. It was featured on the front page of the Chronicle. It would not of been so beautiful and large without the government grant money.


I am still pushing the "less government" idea in the garden and have made headway. I at least planted the seed. Plus outside of the far left, the people using this garden while 90% Democrat are more interested in results and seem like the Roosevelt Democrats that Reagan once was. The kind of Democrats who believed and took pride in personal responsibility and doing things for themselves. They are the ones who helped put Reagan in office. They are conservatives I just have to let them know.

For those of you who farm for a living and are close to the earth, you know that this type of gardening is wastefull and inefficient. I don't claim we are feeding the neighborhood. But for my sake look at it as a 4H project for City folk who have lost their way and need a link back to reality and their roots. lol

I could refuse to help the garden claiming it would violate my strict principled beliefs, but what good does that do? At least I'm planting the Conservative seed and nuturing the idea of personal responsiblity, and "doing for yourself"; in myself as well as the others who take the gardening seriously. I believe in teaching by deed rather than word.

The Pics below are of six new raised beds that were jsut built and as you can see from the pile of left over dirt, filled. Yes we will use the extra dirt. Yes grant money (taxpayers money) was used. The dirt by the way came from Marve Engle of Englewood Farms which takes the leafs we bag up and he composts them.

That by the way is "Green Conservatism" at its best.


Am I conflicted working with this garden? You betcha, as Sarah would say. But I can walk and chew gum; so I'll keep helping the garden as I can and keep pushing the personal responsibility idea; while I do what I can on a bigger stage to elect conservative legislators to change the laws and help my County Party do the same. I think that this is one small honest way to do that.

Whereever there is a crack, I'll drive a wedge.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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