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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It's a Big GOP World and Getting Bigger

Oceana GOP and rumors of the Lake County GOP

I drove up to Sully’s restaurant on 72nd just North of Polk Rd in Hart last night to catch the Oceana GOP business meeting. Oceana’s county chair Juanita Pierman gave us a good recap of the County Fair. It was agreed by all that it was a success. The cost was a little over $200 for the flag giveaway along with the prizes and was thought to have been well worth the effort. The free coffee and lemonade were also thought to have helped get people to the booth. Both of those things I call making something interactive, they help get people involved in the booth. The participation in the booth of all three candidates and their crews campaigning for the 100th House seat was noted and thought to have also helped.

Speaking of the three candidates for Goeff Hansen’s 100th State House seat, they were all in attendance at Sully’s for the Oceana Business meeting. In the picture below, two of the candidates; Marc Libants and Jon Bumstead are not visible, I apologize for that. The third Jane Drake however is at the left of the pic. I counted 16 people in attendance. BTW Sully’s serves great food. I had a taco salad with sour cream and lots of salsa.
Don’t forget to click on the picture to enlarge.

For more information on the candidates; the link below will take you to the “Candidate” page for the “Fighting Five Counties”, at my new web site. Remember please this site is still being built, be careful where you walk and don’t forget your hard hat.


Next Juanita brought up the fact that Sully’s will not be available I believe for their Nov. and Dec. meetings. A new place was needed. The Starting Block seemed to be the consensus of the group as the best choice and a motion was made to pursue that idea. I will post the next meeting time and place as I get the info on my “Calendar” button on the side bar.

The meeting was great from my “Bottom Up Politics” perspective as there was a lot of discussion about getting new members and ways to do that. The improvement of the County Fair booth mentioned above was all about that.

The Lake County Republican Party was brought up and how they had put up yard signs saying something to the effect of “Had Enough? Join the Republican Party” along with a phone number. This effort was said to have already gotten a lot of calls and interest and some new members. Juanita threw it open for discussion and different slogans were put out. I agree with the consensus of Oceana GOPers seem to think this is worth pursuing. I’ve thought of billboards in the past, but yard signs would also work and be more doable. I’ll pass this on to the Muskegon GOP Party.

Also in the same vein their Brat Fry was brought up and ideas were talked about to make it more open and inviting to the public. Joe made the statement to the effect that now is the time to get the parties moving and active to try to capitalize on the whole “Town hall” effect. Time for Republicans to start acting like Republicans. Everyone agreed. Two new members when introduced, echoed and proved that point by talking about Glen Beck and their needing a way to vent their anger. The Oceana County Party was how they chose to do it.

As far as my motto “What Can I Do Today”, I’ll try to get hold of Joan Runnels who seems to be the contact person for Lake County and start getting Lake’s info for my new site. Also came up with the name of Gary Springstead as a contact person to start gathering info on the Newaygo County GOP. That will leave only the Mason County GOP to get hold of.

It’s a big GOP world out there and getting bigger as we make it so.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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