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Friday, September 4, 2009

Republicans Locked and Loaded – Dems looking for (political) cover.

As the state Budget Battle rages, the Republicans have their plans for all to see.

Here is a link to an email I received late Thurs. It was not linkable. I had some questions also about the email so this morning I called Phyllis Browne and she quickly and efficiently answered my questions. First I had to cut and paste the email to one of my blogs to make it linkable, here is the email link.


Phyllis also gave me a link to the House plan that House Republicans came out with in July as the email mentions.


I don’t know much about the “Budget Process” and she was kind enough to fill in some gaps in my knowledge. The group that met to discuss and try to hammer out a budget is called “The Quadrant”. The group consists of the Republican and Democrat leaders from the State House and Senate plus the Governor. She didn’t know why it was called “The Quadrant” instead of something depicting the three branches or the five members in the process. Just another compromise I guess. lol

The email and the link above, show that the Republicans have done their homework, the hard work I might add of making the hard decisions on which programs to cut, what waste to eliminate and what programs to fund to Reinvigorate Mi. business. Think about it. To cut anything, they are taking money away from some program. If you think that is easy, look at the agricultural cuts in funding. Think of Republican legislators from the agricultural heartland signing on to that, and the grief they will probably take for trying to be good fiscal stewards of tax dollars. I try to remember that before I criticize individual cuts.

One of the most impressive aspects of the approach of the Republicans in both the House and Senate is their openness in which they have debated and come up with their plans. The plan above has been out for over a month for people to read and study. This “Transparency” is refreshing when compared to the likes of the National Stimulus bill that was rushed through without the legislators even having the time to read it.

Another thing I liked was the quote in the email from Sen. Bishop talking about how the Republican plan was debated and created. “……, not held behind closed doors with unaccountable and unelected mediators.” The part about unaccountable and unelected mediators in my mind alludes to the Republican plan which was developed by elected representative doing what they are supposed to do and not relying upon the bureaucracy and their new ruling class of czars which seems to be trying to take over and run our national government.

As a new acquaintance of mine, Ted would say, the Czars and what they say have no legitimate power over our elected officials. It is nice to see our elected legislators standing up.

I give the House Republicans, under the leadership of Kevin Elsenheimer (R-Kewadin), credit for coming up with their budget plan and putting it on the table, followed by Mike Bishop and the Senates plan. This indeed shows that it is again the Democrats who are the “Party of No to Reforms” – No to Transparency – And Yes to Bureaucracy.

On a local note. If you want a chance to listen to and talk with House Republican leader Kevin Elsenheimer; he plans to be in Hart as a special guest for a 50th B-Day/Fundraiser for State Rep. (R-Hart) Goeff Hansen. Sept. 19th, 1-5:00pm. See side bar on the left and click the calendar button.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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