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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day of Caring.

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The United Way’s Day of Caring in Muskegon at Heritage Landing which was held Friday was a great success. A lot of people showed up, I would guess around 400 but I really am not sure of the #. As I walked in to sign up Merle Scolnik was there working the sign in table.

Next the Muskegon Lions held their annual Pancake Sausage breakfast. I grabbed a big plateful and found a group of Republican volunteers and sat down with them. Our Chair David Farhat was there along with our Treasurer Jon Koens. Jerry Van Woerkhom our State Senator and 91st candidate Ken Punter along with National Committee Woman Holly Hughes were also there. Leonard and myself rounded out that crew. If I miss someone I apologize.

This event as always was well organized. The various groups of volunteers were directed to the various locations that needed to be worked on. Our Muskegon County Republicans were sent to the LST to work on the Lawn in front of the ship.
We had to spread out the piles of dirt and there was a lot of it to spread, but with all of us working alongside another group or two of volunteers it went pretty fast. The next job was building a perimeter fence. Actually Ken led the group that worked the hardest I think at least they worked the longest. They dug the holes in which they put a contraption which they cemented in to hold the future posts. They did 25-30 of those. Scattered through out are pictures of the work being done.

The Muskegon Chronicle provided much needed relief to the volunteers as their crew went around giving out Ice crème goodies like drumsticks and fudge bars etc. they were great.

In-between the post holes we cut and drilled landscape timber to fit, following the fence line to square off the new lawn. Later, I think Monday they plan on spraying the seed for the grass. It will be green pretty quick I’m sure.
There was a lunch break at noon which was made up of foot long Hoogies, chips, brownies, and lots of drink from pop to lemonade to bottled water. Plumb’s put this all on and I thank them.

I made friends with Kate who helped out on the lawn crew. She was with the County Mental Health Crew and I ended up sitting and sharing lunch with them.
Talk about coincidence, in that crew was a girl whom I took to the prom and to be nice to her I won’t give the date when that occured. Lol. I hadn’t seen her since that day and she still looked great. We and the whole table had a good time with that. Being the only male and probably the only Republican at the table ended up being fun and we enjoyed the banter.

The upshot as I told them was that we are here doing "business" not politics, getting something good done for our community, that even politics when it spurs competition to do more "business" well that is a good thing.

Well it was back to work and finishing up the operation. The crowd had thinned out by about 2 and we finished shortly after that. Below are some pics of the "business" we all got done.

Ken and I were lucky and got a tour of the ship. I admit to being ignorant of the actual size of it. It was huge, this ship carried tanks to the shore during invasions. Ken being a marine had served on a later version of the same thing and he kept commenting on the fact that the basics were the same and hadn’t changed all that much. If you get a chance see their web site and come down and take a tour.


Well that was done and we said our goodbyes and left. That rounded out the day for me. The work was hard but as Jerry Van Woerkhom said earlier as we were shoveling the dirt. The physical work was a welcome break from the work he was doing on the budget in the Senate. Some good physical activity helps clear the mind, I know that.

Well this morning I’m off to help the Muskegon Co. Repubs “Adopt a Highway” fall clean up. If you get a chance run out to Shaw Rd and Apple and lend a hand it starts at 9:15 today Sat. See side bar calendar for details. We can always use an extra hand.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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