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Monday, March 2, 2009

Adopt a Precinct

Adopt a Precinct Update

I’ve been trying to find out about this Program to be run through the State GOP. Gradually I’m starting to get replies from those I’ve left messages with.

I originally heard of this from Norm Shinkle who was running for State Republican Chair, I believe late Dec. 08. I thought it a great idea then.

Nick at Right Michigan then had this to say.
In the 19th District Special Election its Mike Nofs or bust. The man has locked up support in and around the convention and was getting his name dropped by activists from across the state. This is going to be a national race and expected to see an infusion of millions of Dem dollars so watching the Party rally around a candidate with broad bipartisan cross-over appeal is exciting. Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin, look out.
That quote was from his post below.
In an earlier post Nick explained Mike Simpson and Marty Griffin were possible Democratic challengers and he was told, not so good in their polling numbers. This was during the State Republican Convention.
I was at the Convention also. I heard a couple of people mention to our caucus about the importance of the upcoming race for the 19th state Senate seat in an upcoming special election that was just called by the governor.

Granholm BTW is not stupid politically. The timing was perfect. It blew a chance for Mike Nofs to attend and make a big buzz. The fact that she held of till now and is calling for a Nov. election I think will backfire. The Citizens of the 19th deserved a much earlier election. They could of rightfully had their own Tea Party. No Representation in the Senate for a long time. It was obvious this was a political play by the Governor at the expense of the voters of the district.

Below is an article showing the backlash I’m talking about. The article is from the Jackson Paper.
Note the City of Battle Creek and Albion had passed motions asking Granholm to set a date for the election and that Jackson County is thinking about doing the same. After this article was printed Jackson County also passed their resolution calling for the Governor to act.

The article said this
“Though local leaders have expressed concerns about a lack of Senate representation, Griffin said constituents' needs are being met and conveyed in Lansing by the area's state House members,”

Pay close attention. The person that said the above was the Democrat mentioned as running for the seat, Martin Griffin. I wish Griffin luck when he tries to convince the voters that he has their best interest at heart. Seemingly he seems to think that his job is redundant and is being done by the State House.

{Just an aside. Over here in Muskegon our Republican Jim McCormick running against Doug Bennett for the 92nd district suggested we needed only one house legislature and we could get rid of the Senate. Imagine Bennet’s chagrin when he hears his Democratic colleague agreeing with McCormick.}

Now for the real updates. Mike Nofs is officially in the race, as announced by the Mich. Senate Republican Campaign Committee.
Btw. Here is his House of Representatives Web site. Nothing about the Senate race but some good background stuff.

Got an email and phone call from our Muskegon County Chair David Farhat who is running (I think) for Jerry Van Woerkhom’s term limited Senate Seat. David was glad to see my interest in the Adopt A Precinct Program. He said he had been talking with the Senate leadership on how to get this going.

I’ve talked with Norm Shinkle and traded emails. Norm is hard at it as only he can be. He is rooting out cell phone numbers and whatever else he can for the registered voters in Calhoun and the majority of Jackson Counties. If you have any lists let me know. I’d be happy to forward them or put you in touch with Norm. From his email. “It appears that Mike Nofs may be a 'consensus' candidate. With the filing deadline in May, primary in August, and general in November, there may be more candidates.”

The timeline Norm mentions explains some of the hesitation to get this kicked off. We have to go through the primary process. There has been rumors of other candidates thinking of running. The real rumor is that with Strykers money the Dems will run someone in the primary to force Nofs and the Republicans to spend some of our precious resources before the general. Stryker has more money than the Republicans have.

I would love to leave Stryker poorer and with a bad taste in his mouth come Nov. That alone would be worth the effort after the havoc and lies from the last election especially over the Supreme Court race.

Also received an email from the vice chair Barb Vander Veen. Hope she doesn’t mind. I copied it below.
Hi Bob,
Boy do I HEAR you!!! I just want say thank you for all your efforts in the past. I will be working with this area of the state beginning in April to help you with exactly all the issues you mentioned and I can't wait! Until I can get started I will work to get you the help & answers you need. Once on the job, I will be meeting with people up in your neck of the woods to get your ideas and input, and to see how we can grow the GOP in Muskegon. Be encouraged, help is on the way!
Please  feel free to contact me.
Barb Vander Veen 
The topper was today when the Calhoun County Chair returned my call. Elizabeth Fulton was a breath of fresh air to talk with. She was open and forthcoming. She shares my idea that communication is the key within the Republican party. She agrees that having open and honest communication is a key to helping the party.

I told her I hoped to be able to get a few people from Muskegon fired up and willing to help her out. She said she would be willing to come to Muskegon and talk to our group. She even suggested that Steve Fachs come with her. Steve is the Vice Chair of the Calhourn County Party and also more to the point one of Mike Nofs Campaign Managers.

This is the kind of cooperation I love to see.

It will be a job to get my end taken care of. Volunteers in our own area are hard to find let alone trying to find them for another. I’m going to stay positive about this however. I will also try to ask the help of all others who may be willing to bring this about.

As I’ve written in the past in Bottom Up Politics, I must watch my ego. Just start by asking “What Can I Do Today?” “Who Can I Share This Political Adventure With?”.

As always, any ideas on how to get volunteers for this effort, give me a holler at

Victory is ours for the taking
If your low on money like me, trade some time for it.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

I’m going to add this. I was going to sneak it in without letting on what a bubba I am. Below is a web site for Elizabeth Fulton. Imagine I was trying to talk politics to her!! About the 19th district.!! If you’re reading this Elizabeth my apologies.

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