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Sunday, March 29, 2009


I have had a short talk with Holly J. Hughes, Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan, about the “Adopt a Precinct Program”. Holly has been doing some of the leg work setting this up. She has been getting volunteers and I added my name to the list. Holly has passed it up the line. I’m hoping to hear soon.

I don’t know if our Muskegon County Party will have any coordinated effort about this, but this seems to be a way for me to get involved anyway. Maybe I could call it “Orphans for a Precinct” lol

I would think that the 19th district and Mike Nofs would be happy to receive any outside help they can get: whether it be feet on the ground, phones in hand, or dollars.

By the look of his web site he could use some internet help.

I’m assuming he is putting together a Nofs for Senate web site. I’ve emailed them and will wait for their reply.


Precinct Delegate update.

I have emailed and called Livingston County to see if they have made the Videos they said they were making of the PD training workshop they had. I posted about it earlier and had asked for a copy. Hope they didn’t have any problems with the tapping and also hope to buy a copy for our County party to do what they will with it.

I still think the “Adopt a Precinct Program” would be a great focal point to help ratchet the interest of our Musk. Co. PDs.

Haven’t heard whether our County is meeting on this or not.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

PS> I am going to the Lansing Tea Party. See top of Right Side Bar for what details I have.

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