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Saturday, March 7, 2009



The new Lion’s chapter in Muskegon. Blue Sky Lions is off and running.

They are getting together with the Love Community Garden to supply volunteers from The Lions Blue Sky to help the people at Love Community Garden put together the raised garden beds. A Lion has a Kubota loader and believe me that will help us move some 26 cubic yards of dirt. Plus all will pitch in to build the frames for the raised beds.

Englewood Farms and fellow Fruitport Lion Marve Engle is giving Love Community Gardens a break on the dirt and free delivery to boot.

This is set up for May 2nd come rain or shine.

If you want to help give me a call. Bob Carr, 231-728-3455

News from the Carmen Group. (Local chit chat of a conservative nature every Thurs, 8am at Carmens.) Marve Engle one of our County Commissioners and a regular at the Carmen Group gave myself and J. Riley another blogger and regular from Carmens a guided tour of the waste water management facility out Apple Ave.

There was a minor overflow of the dyke of a holding pond. The spill was minimal and the spillage was safe. It just went to another area to soak in and not to any creeks or flowing water. This was not raw sewage.

This was my first visit to the Water treatment part of the complex. I’m used to just thinking about the solid waste area we see from Apple as we drive along.

The sewage treatment was something altogether different. It was huge. The water in their main holding pond if I remember correctly amounted to more water than Mona lake or Duck Lake I forget which. Either way that's alot of water.

There was a road on top of a dyke between two holding ponds I swear it was a mile long and narrow. It was really only one lane. There were seagulls galore and from our guide we learned that this was nothing. During the spring the seagulls nest on the road and there will be thousands more. It reminded me of Hitchcock’s old movie “The Birds” and driving along a spit of road between two massive lakes of sewage, I couldn’t help think of the movie. “Monsters from the Blue Lagoon” lol.

There were also other ponds where the sewage is initially aerated and the settling process is begun. The facility I believe has over 1200 acreas.

Crossing Apple, Marve showed us a project that Dave Farhat is responsible for and trying to get working. The project has to do with wetland habitat for pheasants. Also a small lake he hopes to center youth activities from the city and other areas around in tandem with the pheasant thing. This is the first I’ve heard of it.

Like so many other things Republicans do for the community they tend to do them under the radar. Why? I don’t know, modesty perhaps. I think that they think if people think it is a Republican thing they won't cooperate. But I see nothing wrong letting people know. People seem to cooperate with Democrat plans. They shout it from the roof topl The main thing is to get something good done. This seems like such a thing.

I will try to get an interview with David in order to let you know what is in the works.


My favorite stores are doing well.

Benson’s Drug is doing great. What a pleasure that place is. People from the neighborhood are getting to know their grocery dept. The new frozen meat products, vacuum packed by the Meat Block is selling well. They started carrying frozen hamburger, steaks, porkchops and the like. Good quality stuff right here in the neighborhood. They also are selling fresh potatoes and onions. Now if you run out you don’t have to run all the way to Meijers. You can walk to Bensons. On Apple just East of Terrace.
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Mia and Grace Bakery and Bistro is doing a booming business over on Third St. off Monroe. The food is still the best Texas Cuisine in the county. They have a farm to table program. They buy fresh from local farmers. The great news is that they have offered to buy from the local neighborhood gardens, of which Love Community Garden is one, if the produce we grow meets their standards. That was a really nice gesture on their part.

The art work of local artists and down-home walk in atmosphere will take one out of the hood (oops Muskegon) for awhile and you can pretend you walked in off the street for lunch in a Bistro in Boston. Really a pleasant dining experience.

Below I have in order some of the posts I’ve made of them.

The family owned and run Bolt Hardware had to trim back it’s hours, due to an illness in the family. The owners wife Callie who was the main operator of the store during the day, in recent years was losing weight and kept losing it till she had to go to the hospital. She told me that they gave her every test they could think of but not a clue as to the cause. She is back out and everyone is hoping she will get better. Especially Mark her husband who I’m pretty sure he is getting worked to the bone.

Below is a link to a previous post I made in May about Bolt Hardware.

There was something about a metal plate in Callie’s hip that the radiologist over looked on her chart and in the process of x-raying her she received 3rd degree burns on the outside. The tests are trying to show if that had anything to do with it. So far they have disproved any other cause they can think of.

I would have had a lawyer the first day but that’s just me. Any way she is still really fragile but wanting to get back to work so the hardware can get up and running regular hours again. Mark her husband works nights and can only keep the store open from 1pm weekdays. Like I alluded to; Mark is probably needing some rest.

Stop in and tell them hi. Wait till the afternoon though.

BTW they are at 236 Mason.


As always US 31 and Mr. Burris are selling the heck out of those Barbeques. There is a reason his is the longest running family restaurant in the County.

Carmen’s new restaurant seems to be doing well. At our meeting there last Thurs. early there was a booming trade. There was another group meeting there I think they had about 10 with them.

Hard to blame them for picking Carmens as their breakfast fare especially their omelets are to die for.

Well that’s enough for now.

Getting hard as I move around the neighborhood not to spend some money locally.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

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