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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Can't Buy Me Love

Staying the course\

I have my ups and downs. Like everyone else I guess. The more I get involved in something the higher the highs the lower lows. It gets distracting. I tend to focus less on what I’m trying to get done and more on the little things. Sure the little things matter, they matter a lot. Without them nothing gets done. To paraphrase Drucker in his book. A great idea is nothing until it degenerates into work.

But I digress. Without keeping firmly in mind the reason one is working so hard on the details: any little detail can develop a life of its own and may lead me some where I don’t want to go. That is fun and can lead me to all sorts of interesting places; but not likely towards our desired goal.

So now and then I have to just stop working the details and reaffirm my goals. If I can’t then I go work on something else and come back to it later. My brain sorts things out without me. Better sometimes than with my input. I draw my own conclusions from that. Feel free draw your own.

If you read this blog (or if not) I’ll let you know, I am interested in generating interest in setting up some active Precinct Delegate groups as a means of getting volunteers, as a means to spread our message, as a means to affect the election in 2010. I’m not an organizer or sales type; it’s a gift I lack. But the message will sell its self to a point. That is why I try to stay focused on the message.

I’ve actually set up a separate blog just to do that, Organize-Take Muskegon Back. See side bar.

Well recently, I’ve taken to blogging about national issues, as I wait. Wait for something to happen. Usually it does. Today while researching other things I happened onto the Livingston County Republican Web site
That link was a Meeting they set up to Train Precinct Delegates.


I was back to it. Calling and emailing. Politics is local, local is fun. The theory stuff is important from a core value type of thing; something to ground my action on. But actually doing something? That is what it’s all about.

The little things, the Precinct Delegates, my neighbors; getting them together adds up to a bigger thing. They are what makes the values important. Learning who my neighbors are, finding some more Republicans in the hood. Then trying to make a place that welcomes them into the fold; that is what is all about. The Party getting other groups together, that can add up to bigger things

Our special election for the 19th Senate seat here in Mi. is a really big thing. Maybe it’s worth a little break to regroup, refocus on what little things are crucial to let that bigger thing happen.

The Precinct Delegates are the little things that will make that victory happen. Stryker’s money can buy some votes, but as the Beatles used to sing. “Money, can’t buy me love”.

Politics is personal, and nothing is more personal than Love.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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