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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tax Loophole

Flash. For last election cycle, Muskegon County was apportioned 296 Precinct Delegates. Our party was able to talk 113 people into running for those spots. I was told that this was a high number.

Flash. Way less than 1/3 showed up to the County Convention to pick the 30 some slots we as a County were allowed to send to the State Convention. We did come up with the quota, but we were also allowed the same # of alternates and were far short.

Flash. Of those, 9 actually went. Two were alternates.

Flash. Michael Steele has said that Republicans Must field candidates in every election in every office.

Flash. Republicans in Muskegon ran about 40 out of 80 possible in the Township races. BTW in Detroit’s crowded primary there was no Republican running.

Flash. God bless Jim McCormick.

Flash. We lost every Muskegon County Wide Election.


I don’t want to ROCK THE FRIGGEN BOAT. But maybe we need to focus on the Townships and precinct Delegates, instead of relegating them to the garbage heap of being inconsequential. Quit focusing on what we have been.

Flash. I don’t know what to do. We do need a message a simple message. Maybe “Individual Freedom” Maybe it’s education reform. Maybe it’s a Tea Party. Maybe it’s all of those one at a time.

Flash. Maybe we have to actually do something about our message, simple or otherwise.

Flash. Maybe we have to personally volunteer, get our own hands dirty. Mix with the filthy unwashed masses. Maybe our message should be that we are willing to do just that. Maybe people will understand that. Maybe we can become relevant again to a broad coalition of people.

Flash. Maybe it's just that simple. Kind of a Bottom Up thing. As Haley Barbour talked about when he said that in this time of Republican upheavel it is the perfect oportunity to start over from the Bottom Up. Hope Wise and Wiser figure it out. When Michael Steele was being cornered by an interviewer who asked him what was his plan. He said it wasn't his job. His job was to listen to the people and find out what they want. Novel concept that. Hope he does. Hope Wise and Wiser do too.

Flash. I don’t know.

Flash. If you do let me know.

Flash. Mad about McCain Feingold and being limited to donating only $2,000. I found a loophole. I quit work last year and volunteered my time for what it’s worth. Well I’ll tell you what it was worth to me. I spent about $6,000 of my savings. It would have been more but I burned wood for heat, and other things to slash my overhead. Hope I don't get arrested.

Flash. Don't worry you've got plenty of excuses, I'm single, I work for myself, my kids are grown, I'm poor. I never finished College, I'm an alcoholic, Plus I don't dress very well and drive a wreck of a truck that is always breaking down. Plus my teeth are falling out because it's cheaper than having a dentist pull them. Plus less painfull I might add. Oh Yeah did I mention that I'm single?

Flash. How do you like them apples? I wouldn't know I can't eat them anymore.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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