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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lansing "Tea Party"

For background to this post, let me explain that I had emailed a note about March Madness to the same crew earlier and they acted pushing Michigan ahead of Illinois. We stayed ahead, moved into the final "sweet 16" and now we face Wisconsin. We need another come from behind win to advance further.

Below is a copy of an email I sent out to some of the people I know thanking them. My data base is relatively small so I'm posting it here.

-----------------end of background-------------

If you voted thanks, we did it. We made it past Illinois. Now we face Wisconsin, they are starting way ahead. But look at the link and you will see how doable it is. How little of an effort is needed to achieve success.

While this may seem unimportant; the important thing is to start a Republican network system. To use what we have and broaden it out. We need to get used to using that network again to promote our ideas.

I’m from Muskegon, and I’ve met some fellow Republicans in Brighton (Livingston County) and am emailing them. A little friendly competition in this and what is below would be great, can you imagine comparing notes in Lansing. I even emailed Pete. If you all know others email them and sign up or “join the bracket”. Let’s show that we want to push Michigan back into the red.

These types of things seem silly until one actually participates in them. The bottom up thing can be entertaining as well as important. Changing one’s own perspective is the first step in changing that in others.

Don’t forget the other important and fun thing in the works. This could be part of a National big deal. About 3 weeks ago there was a tea party in Lansing on just 3 days notice and around 300 attended.

Since then there have been several nationwide and others in the state. Orlando had over 4,000 attending.,0,426670.story

Michelle Malkin has been keeping track of all the different “tea parties going on around the country. Check out her site and see the pic from Cincinnati, 5k strong.

April 15th there will be another Lansing “Tea Party” which should give a whole new meaning to the term Tax Day.

We yell loud enough, and we will get coverage.

We had 300 on 3 day notice. That’s 100 a day. Are we not angry and frustrated? Are we not tired of our hard earned money being taken and given to others? Don’t we want to do something? Can we not in 22 days get 2200 at least to Lansing?

Get hold of friends. I wish I could remember the amount of days we work for the government before we work for ourselves. Is one day too much to work for ourselves? Car pool, get into the spirit of the thing, make up signs, act like you’re a Free American. While I emailed Pete etc. and I hope they show up wouldn’t it be great if they put their heads together and used their abilities to get a lot of their people to come. Not that I want a Politician love fest, this is a PROTEST march after all. Rally the troops but the troops are what we are after.

We’ve all got connections and friends, let’s talk it up.

Regards, Bob Carr
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(edit-6:15,3/22/09) Breaking news. Just got this off the internet. Those attending a "tea Party" have been labeled as possible "Terrorist" in a Police alert. Incredible as it sounds.

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