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Friday, March 20, 2009

Adopt a Precinct

I received this email from the Mi. Republican Senate Campaign Committee. It sounds like they are setting things up. Hope they put their best effort into this contest; our chance to win a seat back in the State Senate. This will show to me how the Republican leadership will act during the upcoming elections in 2010.
Mr Carr-
I apologize for my tardy response to your request.

I can assure you that individuals have been working on the details of the adopt a preceint program for Senate District 19. They are finalizing plans before the overall launch of the program.

I will make sure that your email gets the attention of the appopiate person, we certainly appreciate your willingness to help our efforts. The Senate Republicans are excitied about the opporuntiy to take back the 19th and appreicate the support of the Mr. Weiser and his staff.

Thank you for all you do for the party.

Tammy Bagby
Senate Republians

Nick at Right Michigan has just posted an informative article, keeping us up to date on this important race. Please note that this will be an early gauge as to the effects on the voters of Liberal policies. A taste of whether or not voters are unhappy with the way things are going in the country. How do you feel? Also the ability of Stryker to buy votes will again be tested. He's been successful so far, do you want to help put a thorn in his side? This is our chance to showcase the Liberal failures at a personal level to combat the Democrat’s big money.
Perhaps we can bring it home and make the election personal.
Also look to the side bar for an upcoming section on “Adopt A Precinct”. I will put it up soon, hopefully, in a day or two. I plan on having links to any outside info. I come across in the order I find it; with the newest on the top. I think it will be a link site set up by date on entry and a title of entry. I will try to find my old posts to put up first.
I’m doing this in the hope that it will be there as a way to see at a glance what the latest progress is being made; as well as the history behind it.

A way to share info.

This is a newer email I just got. A quick follow up to the one above.

Mr. Carr:

Thank you for your interest in our adopt a precinct in the 19th Senate Special. My name is Terri Reid and I am the project manager on this.

The 19th Senate Special is our best opportunity to change the tide. Winning this seat will give us a huge boost as we move into 2010. Holding on the majority in the State Senate may well hinge on winning this seat. Its importance in the big picture can’t be underestimated.

Currently, the adopt a precinct program is focusing on voter id by phone. We are asking county parties to commit to phoning one or more precincts with a 5 question script. We will send you bubble sheets and the script. The list will likely be around 500 calls per precinct. Each call that is complete will be marked on the bubble sheet and the sheets returned to the Michigan Republican Party for scanning.

We are currently phone matching our file. We’re looking at no later than April 1 to have the sheets ready for distribution.

Please let me know if you need additional information. Thanks so much for your interest.

Terri Reid

If you’re interested in the adopt a precinct program keep checking back. If you want to get more involved email me or call. My info will be on the side bar, under “Contact Me”

(edit) Here is a link to a Human Events sponsor talking about the same type of "special election" but on a National Level. The reasons they state for the importance of their election are the same reasons for Michigan's albeit on a smaller scale.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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