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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Importance of Self

Republicans are always talking about looking for a way to break into new neighborhoods. You’ve seen the speeches on tv and youtube. I’ve been trying to communicate with the Party to get some real grassroots going. So far we’re talking about a Ricky Nelson sounding garden party this summer in some secluded park. Boy that’ll rattle the Dems.

However, as I get caught up in the minutiae and personalities of County Party politics, I lose track of what I’m trying to do.

Preserve, fight for and encourage personal freedom wherever and whenever I find it, in whatever form It appears. If you look, the opportunities for that are boundless.

The County Party is just one small way to fight for that liberty: and not very efficient at that. There is a whole world out there. Freedom loving People are crying out for help. These cries are coming from my own and surrounding neighborhoods. The cries are from people with little care for politics, they simply know they need to do something. We can be the party to give them that power vs. the party that has been talking about it for 50 years.

The front lines in the fight for individual freedom against the onrush of socialism can and will be fought in the strongholds of the Liberal establishment. That is where the failure of the liberal agenda is most apparent. You see it in Europe; we should see it in Detroit or Muskegon. My fellow Republicans you know where I’m talking about. You know the code words I’ve used. If you don’t, I’ll invite you to come over to my house.

Unless, my friends, we are ready to cede our last and dearest value (Freedom) to the Democrats, we need to make a principled stand in support of all those who are crying because their children are being abused by the schools; those whose rights are being taken away in their workplace. We need to stand up for anyone who is after their right to exercise their individual freedom in whatever way they choose. We need to show how strong individuals are. Poor people got through the depression by growing some of their own food and helping each other. They didn’t need a bureaucracy to tell them how and in what manner they need to live their lives.

The ammunition needed to fight this battle is lying all over the place in my neighborhood. It can be found in boarded up store fronts, homes with barred windows and doors. It can be found in the groups of aimless youth wandering the streets. These discarded buildings and people are what is wrong. It is not the people and buildings; it’s the fact that they are discarded. They are being ignored and manipulated into being the justification for governments to grow. Their misery is necessary for governments to grow.

Are we better off now with all this governmental help?

More seriously than that, that which is wrong can be found in the attitudes of the new people coming into the neighborhood farming this new found treasure; they refer to as the poor helpless downtrodden masses. They plant and nourish grant applications and harvest grant monies in the name of helping this poor area. These applications need have little or anything to do with actually helping the people in the neighborhood. They are written for the most part by people inside a bureaucratic entity like the Health Dept. to keep and add to their employee base. The money is there why not take it? Who’s going to check how it’s used? Who cares?

An apparatus has been formed that funnels government monies to the neighborhoods. The problem lies in the groups set up to funnel this money. I’m learning the leaders of these groups have very little in common with the communities they are claiming to help. Some may but the majority does not.

The ones that do live in the hood you can find in the gated condos springing up around the neighborhoods. They will tell you how they have moved into the area to help be a part of change and to understand better their neighbors.

These people are the liberal do-gooders. As a friend of mine might say; they are the preachers who will only give you a pair of shoes if you listen to their sermon. These yuppies and preachers are not where the ammunition is. They are the ones spreading the ammunition around. All their failed promises stand out starkly in my neighborhood.

I have a friend, who spent all summer going without shoes out of a stubborn sense of her right to individual freedom so she wouldn’t have to listen to the sermon. It had nothing to do with the sermon. It was being forced to listen that she found offensive. The do-gooders in this case would have been better off if they would have just given her the shoes. If the sermon was good it would of stood by its self.
It is in the heart of my friend and others where I see hope for individual freedom.

There are others out there too. Someone like a certain city commissioner who is constantly battling to see that all this grant writing money actually goes to help people that need it, not just to create money streams for yuppy filled bureaucracies and their siblings. The whole nonprofit gaggle is getting out of hand. I think it’s time to open a hunting season in their honor to thin the ranks, to keep them manageable. Sometimes I think this whole nonprofit is just a way for failed upper middleclass people to find work and not have to feel poor, and still feel sanctimonious. The rest of us just get to feel poor.

Recently I have been reminded of that. It’s easy for me to get carried away in the big picture talking of Thomas Sowell and his writings, trying to figure out the world. Sooner or later the world will knock me back to reality.

I hope this to be the first in a series on the workings of non profits in my neck of the woods and the harm they are doing. Hopefully along the way I’ll be able to show how this as most bad things can be used to create something better and more honest.
The truth may help us to pursue our happiness in our own way which is what will make me happy. You can feel free to do it your way. I will help to throw out the money changers and instead help those who help others. Above all I will help myself by doing that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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