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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Yes Finally. There is a Battle Starting.

There is one thing a battle needs; another side. John Boehner is and has been giving us just that. Finally the Republicans are trying to stand up and offer an alternative with teeth. Through the alternative media they are getting the message out.
Boehner with the help of Eric Cantor are putting out the Republican answer to the Obama budget. Below is Boehners article talking about the new web site of Cantor’s to push and explain the Republican’s alternative.
This is almost like the English Shadow Government idea. We get a chance to give alternative solutions. Getting that message out to the general public is the key. Fox has helped; all the little efforts on the web like this one hopefully have a cumulative effect. The best of all worlds would be to have the networking of these efforts then have them joined by the County parties and what resources they have such as websites or other volunteer efforts.

I’m happy to see some of the pieces falling in place. The Boehner/Cantor effort is a great start. The likes of Gingrich’s “American Solutions” and their efforts to bring various internet based groups together is another good thing to see. The Tea party thing, the Oil Drilling Protests and similar things provide another key. Such private groups that Jack Hoogendyke are pushing are another piece.

What all of these things have in common is that they are free of the party apparatus. This is either a good or a bad thing according to how you look at it. Being a conservative “free enterprise” Republican, I look at these things as a way for “The Republican Party” to try out new ideas without risking the party name that some seem so afraid might get tarnished.

If some of these ideas seem to work out then the party in its wisdom can get behind them. Much as we did with the “Drill Here, Drill Now” protests. I think I’m seeing that with the “Tea Party” protests sprouting up across the country. This allows the party to do nothing until they can see that there is at least no risk. I give Boehner credit for getting on board with that. On the activists side it holds out the promise of help if they are successful.

I have pretty much decided that I’ll be working on the outside. I want to not waste my efforts. Sometimes it is easier to change things from the outside than from within. I never understood this before, but now I’m learning.

There always does come a point.

If our politicians can weave these outside organizations into their campaigns; both parts could gain from the effort. There needs to be a synergy created between all groups helping each other.

These private groups and the interaction of the Candidate’s campaigns can provide the final piece. What I’m talking about can be exemplified by the Chamblis campaign. Our victory there was aided by all of the above. We especially were aided by outside PACs with ads and money.

I’m also seeing some interaction between politicians and the spontaneous protests of the public over the new budget. I just wish this process could be speeded up so it could have an impact on the 2010 election. The Party is so stuck in it’s “Big money”, “Big Contributor” mentality that progress is slow. Everyone is so afraid of doing something that might reflect badly on them as they go groveling to their money guys that nothing new is tried.

Hopefully the above mini “tea party” revolts of individual effort outside the Party will help talk the Party into doing things different.

The Adopt a Precinct program (see side bar on right 2nd down) could be a start in that direction. But there needs to be some synergy. There needs to be a cooperation running both ways.

We need the 19th Senate seat. We need the practice working together and setting up a better infrastructure before the primary and general election are upon us. Just as we can use the Primary campaigns to refine our apparatus for the General election; so too could we use the Special election this November. The momentum that a victory then could us would be huge. What a boost to the morale of the troops. What is that chance worth?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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