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Monday, January 30, 2017

We need him and he us to "Stay the Course".

"Stay the Course"

In the depths of hardships came the term “Stay the Course”. Its exact history is vague and probably has to do with staying on course in the open ocean long ago. It is almost always used however when people are beginning to falter in their task out of fear.

It is a rallying cry. Winston Churchill used it when all seemed lost. Democrat war hawk Congressman and DNC Chair Henry Jackson quoted Churchill’s use of it many times urging Americans to stay the course in fighting back Communism. Boy have times changed eh?

Ronald Reagan, during the 1982 midterm elections urged Americans to “Stay the Course” and vote in majorities to keep his economic policies going. Well history showed that the Dems picked up 27 seats in the House and 1 in the Senate. 

You might think Reagan saying “Stay the Course” didn’t work very well. Funny thing though Reagan doubled down (sound familiar?) and in the 1984 election he won 49 out of 50 states and got 525 electoral votes. That was the biggest landslide in the history of Americans elections. The Republicans also won the Senate. 

The Democrat Walter Mondale won only his home state and the District of Columbia.

If I can believe the movies, “Stay the Course” was a favorite rallying cry by our troops against the British in our battle for Independence.

If we follow the history about the midterm elections especially 1982 we see that the President’s Party really takes a hit. We need to try to do something about it. What I wonder. Ideas?

I wouldn’t mind hearing President Trump asking us to “Stay the Course”. He will not ask for help that is the way he is – we know that. I'll bet he's probably wondering;  “Where in hell are my supporters? Why aren’t they staying the course so we can make America Great Again?"

Come to think about it I think the House and the Senate Republicans should think about Staying the Course and backing the President, their President – but I forget they don’t now and never did have much of a backbone.

The media and the whole basic system of power in this country is being turned upside down. This is a true test of the “Peaceful Transition of Power” that we are so proud of in this country. How we handle this will let the world match our deeds with our rhetoric.  I'm afraid they see us wanting.

Right now it looks like in the Media that we are falling apart and our proud belief in a peaceful transition of power is at the breaking point. Trumpsters still believe in it, but the Media thinks now that the election is over they are back in charge and can run the show. They still don’t or won’t understand that the whole political correctness that rules them and their narrative is what people voted against when they voted for Trump.

The Media and the Left thinks it is having itself another 60’s moment – their one big claim to fame. Hoping they can bully away all opposition with rallies in major cities backed up by bands of thugs intimidating the average American egged on by no-nothing movie and rock stars.

Shinning city on a hill? Hell no its starting to look like a banana republic fomenting just another Coup D’et.

Reagan would be freaking out - rolling over in his grave.

When common sense which is the basis of “self-governance” is scorned, laughed at and as a last resort “thugged on” we are truly in trouble. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliana knows what he’s talking about from experience.  

Remember the hell the left and the media gave him for cleaning up New York and making the streets safe again.  

Judge Jeanine Pirro interviewed Rudy Giuliani.

The former Mayor, said that President Trump’s immigration action is just like the rest of what he’s been doing since he has been in office – doing what he promised to do. Negotiate on behalf of what is best for America, not the rest of the world but for America. And then – wait for it - actually doing something.

I agree with Mayor Giuliani that this “ban” is based on danger to America and its citizens. It is not a ban on all Muslims, nor on all Muslim countries. Nor is it a ban on all Muslims in those 7 countries. It is a vetting process above the normal vetting process for anyone coming into this country who have reason to be vetted, because they come from a country known to knowingly send terrorists to America.  Saudi Arabia and Pakistan were not included.

Reince Priebus on Face the Nation explained it pretty well. Listen to the video.

Priebus (Trump’s Chief of Staff) explains how it is not a Muslim ban, and how the order so says that persecuted Muslims as well as persecuted Christians are given preference in the executive order. When asked, Reince said that they are looking into possibly expanding the number of countries for further vetting of immigrants that pose a danger to the US of A.

But as Mr. Giuliani stated Saudi Arabia's past terrorist enhancing policy chickens are coming home to roost and they are going through a major change out of self protection from those very terrorists.  It appears President Trump sees an opportunity here to help turn Saudi Arabia away from fomenting Anti-American actions. Again actually doing something unashamedly Pro-American. How dare the President of the United States!

Again I must ask, how can we show support? How can we fight the unbridled “revolt” of the Left all across the media and academia? Even Fox News feels the pressure!  

How indeed. We did good - our part - by voting for Trump we thought that was supposed to be all there was to it. A President and majorities in the House and Senate we thought something might get done. OOPS.

Normally in an election between a Bill Clinton and a Bush it would have been enough – as they are about the same anyway. This time it is different. Mr. Trump promised change, Big Change – Change of the whole system – top to bottom. 

If we expect Candidate Trump after he has become President Trump to follow through on the promises he made, which is what we complained politicians never did and why we voted for him. Then we have to figure out how to watch his back – we ourselves have to “Stay the Course” for the guy who is doing what he promised to do.

I'm angry at what is going on.  Mad as Hell.  At what the Media and the left are trying to force feed me.

Again what can we do? I make no promises but I’m trying to put together some of the ideas I’ve blogged about recently about how to help President Trump, about how to force the media to try to cover our side of the story from the bottom up.

I’m thinking about starting an educational “lyceum” type of organization much like we did with the Tea Party movement.  Then having our own rallies in favor of policies that “Make America Great”.  Having educational Lyceums before the rallies to get everyone on the same page about how to talk to the media and to give people something to come out for. That kind of stuff.

Please I can’t do this alone. For it to work I need help setting this up.  I will be doing something in the near future I won’t be able to do nothing.  I'm to heartbroken over what is going on to just do nothing.  

I will post blogs about it and I’ll need help from volunteers from those who came out and voted for Trump – from those who are willing to “Stay the Course”.  If I know you, you might just get a call.  Better check your caller ID if you don't want me asking.

Please feel free to call me or email me anytime. If not and you see a lonely figure on the corner with a sign, at least don’t run me over.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth


Anonymous said...

I am surprised at you. This man is not what any decent person would want for this land. If you are angry it should be at yourself for supporting a political party that is really a force fed religious tank of backwards self centered old men. Please do not claim anything but mean.

live dangerously said...

Thanks for reading my blog if you did.
I am only mad at myself for not doing more for Trump.
I wonder who is trying to force feed whom by your definition of the 63 million Trump voters as being a "force fed religious tank of backwards self centered old men."
What do you mean by "tank", is that like a basket as in Basket of Deplorables?
As far as you gender statement. Trump voters were not just Old men. Remember 42% of women voted for Trump. That means 26.5 million women voted for Trump.
More than 50% of the men which would by definition have to include some younger than old men voted for Trump also.
"Just the facts ma'am" as that "old man" Joe Friday used to say.
Regards, Bob Carr

Anonymous said...

Yup read and thought this dude that use to have a cool book shop is now off his rocker. Yup, lots of people voted for him and now lots of people are sorry they did. Looks like you went from one vice to another. I'm just thankful I ain't related to you because you'd sell me down the river for your party. You know what I'm talking about.

As far as gender statements, trump surrounds him self with right wing nutter old men Stephen Bannon is gunning for war and you my dear sir are helping him I hope all the old men go to fight it. Because I ain't sacrificing my kid for your hate. I know you would yours, you already have.

live dangerously said...

Thanks for reminding me of my cool book shop. Free enterprise, started with nothing, gave it a shot and ended up with nothing. That's the breaks, I'm not calling anyone hateful or names or protesting I lost and admitted it and moved on. I haven't sacrificed my kids. They're alive and well.

I've yet to meet anyone who is sorry they voted for Trump.

Anyway enough said on my part. Free country so spout away. I've a great idea start your own blog. Have some fun. I'm having a ball.

Regards to anonymous
Bob Carr

PS what vice? Books aren't a vice.