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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

De Regulation - The Pill to Stop America's Aging

Suicide by Government

The Answer

What has happened to all other great nations in the past?  What cripples their effectiveness?  

They get bigger and bigger, their rulers get less and less connected to those they rule and as government gets bloated corruption runs rampant and finally the people end up revolting one way or another.

Over Regulation is one sure sign of bloating (bureaucrats with nothing else to do) and corruption (Regulations are what makes the corruption legitimate).
Trump has promised to curtail the stifling effects of government regulation upon the Free Enterprise System. I think he means it. Below is a link to an article to back up his commitment to cutting red tape evidenced by his Cabinet picks so far.

I’m all for it. I’d like here to bring up farming and who might lead the Ag. Department for Trump. But first a little background on government run a muck regarding farming.

Great USDA document on farm evolution from 1900. Gives insight into how the government thinks.

From that document in the conclusion section. “Today, cash receipts for supported commodities (wheat, feed grains, rice cotton, oilseeds, dairy, and sugar) account for only 34 percent of total farm cash receipts. Direct government payments for income support reach only about 500,000 farms (around 25 percent of all farms). The extent to which farm policy meets contemporary objectives for maintaining the well-being of farm households and for sustaining the agricultural economy is a matter for public debate.”

Think About That.

Saying “Only 34 percent of total farm cash receipts” come from the government tells me who paid for this report. “Only” is a spin word, why say it unless you think it is not enough? Also they seem to bemoan the fact that only 25% of the farms receive direct cash from the government, which amounts to only 500,000 farms. What are they shooting for? Paying for all the food? I think it is clear they truly do assume that it is the government’s job to maintain “the well-being of (all) farm households”. Parentheses my own spin. Yet it was nice of them to add that it is still a matter of public debate. Indeed.

After taking over the entire Health Care Industry with the Affordable Health Care Act, is the government now looking for “The Affordable Food Supply Act” so they can take over the remaining 64 percent of the Farming industry? After all the Post Office and Social Security not to mention the Veterans Administration are all doing so well under total government control? Let’s not even talk about how great they are doing with our Educational System.

Well I say Trump That. At least I hope so.

Which brings us to who will Trump pick as Secretary of Agriculture? I go now from the USDA document to the Trump inspired National GOP Platform. In the Chapter about Natural Resources which includes Agriculture I quote this. “Congress has repeatedly had to block the current Administration’s draconian rules concerning the marketing of poultry and livestock. This regulatory impulse must be curbed, not on a case-by-case basis, but through a fundamental restructuring of the regulatory process.” Page 17.

That gives me hope Trump will try his hardest to live up to his promise to curb regulations. What was it he said again? “for every one new regulation, two old regulations must be eliminated.”

This isn’t a new concept other countries are doing it. Check out this Forbes Article by Susan E. Dudley.

Just the idea of setting up a mechanism, which every government agency would need to do in order to evaluate all regulations, to see which ones they could do without. Wow what a concept.

This is not a new concept. Congress under Reagan’s leadership formally set up the OIRA (Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs within the 1980 Paperwork Reduction Act. There has been a constant battle within different administrations as to the power this agency of the OMB actually had. Trump I’m thinking will jump all over this. Here he will have to make his own regulations, which he can justify that if for no other reason than to cancel two older regs.

Whatever new mechanism is set up to reduce regulations, a reason should also be given as the why a regulation is picked to be thrown out. I would love to be able to read someplace what regs are being replaced and why.

One huge way to curb over regulation is through judicial nominees. According to this article President Trump will have 103 vacancies to fill in the judicial branch. Notice Obama only had half that many. The NPR article was the fairest of the 3 I read.

Here is the list of vacancies and retirement dates of the Federal Judicial System.

The replacement for Scalia on the Supreme Court has everyone’s attention, but what of the others? How important are they? Simply put the lower courts decide which cases go to the Supreme Court. Then the Supremes decide which to actually hear.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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