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Sunday, January 29, 2017

You Cant Do That

“You Can’t Do That”

How many times since Trump announced he was running for President has he been told that?

How many times has he disregarded that advice?

How many times was he proven right?

The number is incalculable. Donald (John) Trump is now President and few people probably now have the cajones to tell him “You can’t do that”. He has earned the right to do what he thinks is right. The election gave him that right.

Now for those of a certain age set, he can say -

You Can't Touch This.

During the campaign, advisers I’m sure told him to concentrate on solid Republicans, he didn’t exactly do that. From the beginning he had a different idea of who would make up his base. He went after them – regardless of what any know it all’s told him. He somehow knew what the average American was thinking – what most Americans dreamed of. This was a self-confident man. If to most people Trump was confusing, his confidence wasn’t.

He spread out to campaign in the heart of Middle America to Union Workers, and minority voters finding those who didn’t believe the BS that America can’t be great again. Trump was willing to go anywhere he thought the message should resonate.  He went anywhere, board rooms, universities, Black Churches, Unions - anyplace.

As RW Bray a Black GOP leading recruiter in Texas said, the black vote is won by connecting with people right in their communities, sitting in the same church pews, and building individual relationships. In the article in the Daily Caller by Amber Randall she points out that Bray was successful by connecting with individuals within the Community. She quoted RW Bray. “when somebody lends you a helping hand, I don’t really think you care if they are Democrat or Republican.” This in “Trumpian” logic seems redundant to say, applies to all people.

Trump was connecting with a lot of people who before were seemingly hidden to and unaccounted for by the “crack team” of GOP operatives, the media and the “Crack Team” of Dems too.

Remember Trump visiting a Detroit Church 2 months before the election?

While this article is so very negative saying that Trump’s support is nearly 0 among black voters and a bunch of other negative stuff, in retrospect the author seems almost comical. Trump won more black votes than McCain or Romney. He did this by simply showing up and caring.

Does this look like someone not interested?

In that speech he said. “For any who are hurting: Things are going to turn around. Tomorrow will be better.”

Remember Trump saying to minorities, “What the hell do you have to lose?”  He was saying give me a chance, I'll make things better.

Trump seems to have found/created his own political base by meshing Union Workers, a growing minority interest in results, working stiffs whether Union or not, and just your average formerly overlooked and ignored people. These people are scattered all over the previously divided political spectrum. 

He was able to mesh with them the political big-wigs he needed to win.  It was a remarkable battle won by shock and awe.

Trump was able to unite them when few in our past were able to with a simple promise. “For any who are hurting: Things are going to turn around. Tomorrow will be better.” 

Did people really believe he could make everything better for everybody? No they knew better, but they also got to know him through his whirlwind “Make America Great” tour connecting with millions. What they trusted and believed was he meant what he said and that he would try his hardest to accomplish what he promised. That was new and refreshing. His coalition came out in droves to let him do just that.I personally was reminded of Roosevelt on the speak to the heart idea and at the same time of Eisenhower in his leadership ability but most of all of Reagan with his connection with people and their belief in America.

Peggy Noonan has been writing some good articles lately her latest one I link to here.

In it she showed how Trump was building a party around his “Popular” message. Here I quote Peggy, “allied not with the two major parties but with the working men and women of America.”

I was captured by her writing (as usual) by the way she is figuring out Trump and what he seems to be doing by instinct. She as all great journalists connects the dots, sees patterns and from experience paints a picture of what is and what is likely to be.

Noonan talked of a Union leader meeting with Trump and how all Trump’s people were there to listen and the good Trump forged out of what could have been a hostile meeting. Noonan explained in detail how that happened. I suggest you click the link to read in full about the respect Trump showed them and they him because of it. The “Art of the Deal” is alive and well in America. Here is a snippet from the article.

“The lengthy, public and early meeting with the union leaders was, among other things, first-class, primo political pocket-picking. The Trump White House was showing the Democratic Party that one of its traditional constituent groups is up for grabs and happy to do business with a new friend. It was also telling those Republicans too stupid to twig onto it yet that the GOP is going to be something it’s actually been within living memory: the party of working men and women, a friend of those who feel besieged.”

President Trump I’m sure over the next 4/8 years will have to remind a lot of people of the GOP not to mention the media and the Democrats that “No – I Can Do This”.

As long as he sticks to trying with all his will to Make America Great Again, the people he represents need to continue to show their support for him.

Then perhaps he "Can Do This".

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

PS. In Peggy’s article she mentioned Joshua Green in Bloomberg Businessweek. I pulled it out of Google,

Well worth reading. I’ll quote one typical Trump thing said when talking about how obvious it was to him what the people wanted and how bad the GOP was at doing anything. He said this about how easily he blew through the GOP competition and resonated with the people.

{“It’s funny,” he told me, delighted by the swift triumph of his influence. “It’s like the paper clip: a very simple thing. But one guy got rich, and everyone else said, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ ”}

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