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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Newt and Laura's War?

Newt and Laura’s War?

Strange bedfellows?  Perhaps but think what each separately could do?

Gingrich calling Trump’s battle a “War”

I’ve blogged for years about the bureaucratic nightmare that is Washington. I remember in one of Newt’s books he finally answered the question of why he wasn’t able to accomplish more of the Contract with America than he did. He said when he was Speaker of the House he kept on some of the old dogs as heads of the Committees because he thought their wisdom would help. He said that was a mistake. 

He didn’t drain the swamp well enough and seems afraid Trump won’t either.

He realized too late that they were the problem and caused his plans for the type of change he envisioned and wants Trump to make to falter through delay, inaction, and just getting bogged down in amendments.

Newt knows from whence he speaks.

From the PoliZette article I pulled this quote. “Trump, Gingrich said, has a chance to upend an Establishment that has ruled for 84 years — dating back to the New Deal. He said the president-elect should not expect Democrats, the media, or the permanent bureaucracy to simply roll over.”

Well anyone with a TV will see that the Media isn’t or has plans to roll over any time soon.

Big job, some would say an impossible job. What do you think, is it doable, do you think he could use some help? Well people said the same about Trump beating 17 other Republicans and winning the nomination and the the election? – well forget about it right? He got a lot of help doing that from who? You? He won.

He proved himself to the voting public. They voted – Trump won.

He did it. To be precise, we helped him. How can we help him now? I don’t have the answers but I might have one. Put your own thinking cap on. Use the imagination God gave you, the freedom the Constitution gave you and get out of the house and deal with the reality nature gave you and find a solution.

Trump needs our help. If you think turning Washington on its head is a good thing, leave your biases and agenda at home and figure out for yourself, “What can I do today” to help make this happen.

On the national stage. On the state stage. On the local stage.

Outside of the cities, locally Republicans/Trumpians are doing ok. We have control of more state governments than in any time in our past. That can and will change if we don’t make ourselves heard. My counterparts on the left are working their hardest to make that change. 

Some bigger things are cyclical and against us if things remain unchanged.  I'm talking Demographics and minorities increasing etc.  But we have a superior message and if we can connect we can earn trust.  But that is a personal one on one thing.

You can be the "One" - you are needed to help out.  You simply need to start asking questions - figure out where to start. Find a candidate you like and simply ask, what can I do to help? I have barely enough money to eat but I can find things to help them out with. Knocking on doors, or walking in parades or just showing up at events they have. Some feel more comfortable in a Party setting, find yours.  Grab a phone book or google on line.  Ask questions. 

Believe me anything you can do is very much appreciated. Remember also that the main axiom in politics is that “Politics is Personal”. It works both ways.

Same for state politicians. They are still pretty accessible at this level.

On the National Stage, this last Trump election showed just how effective local people making local efforts were upon the election. When Obama first ran I saw firsthand the effect local effort had on that 2008 election on Obama’s side. I simply tried to duplicate it for Trump.

What to do now?

Think about the election coming in 2018. Think US Senate. I could not think of a better gift to give our new President than a larger more Trump centric US Senate majority. With only 8 Republicans vs 25 Democrats up for re-election this looks doable.

Here in Michigan where Debbie Stabenow seems unbeatable I think it necessary to find a decent candidate and mount a good grass roots fight to force the Dems to at least put more effort into defending her, thus giving us better chances in other Senate races to pick up a few seats. Heck it is not un-doable to think we may be able to have a veto-proof Senate for Trump in 2018. But I’d be happy to pick up 2-4 seats and I think 6 is possible. We would need 8 for a veto-proof Senate.

Remember too that the Dems are in a defensive frame of mind and because they lost Michigan in the Presidential race Stabenow who is rising in the ranks of Senate minority power (#3) will be able to demand more money from big donors and the DNC than she would otherwise.

Along those lines, what if Senator Joe Lieberman who is an Independent but caucuses with the Dems changes and starts to caucus with the Republicans? Just thinking.  Remember he introduced glowingly Trump's nominee for Education Secretary Michigan's own Betsy DeVos.

Just thinking positive, try it you’ll like it.

Here is what the Hill thinks about the 2018 Senate races.

Here’s a thought.

Laura Ingraham

Laura Ingraham is thinking about running for US Senate. Her opponent would be none other than Tim Kaine the former Governor and sitting Senator of Virginia. Also he was the Democrat National Chair. Remember he was the Kaine in “Hillary/Kaine”.

Wow that guy is almost as unbeatable as ----- Hillary. LOL.

Here is the article in the Washington Examiner by Paul Beddard, 1/15/2017.

To unseat a sitting Senator with national creds and a $1.6 million war chest already in a state most think isn’t up for grabs would be a daunting task.


Laura Ingraham was always one of my favs since I started blogging, she was also a blogger she is a fighter above all she is not a politician with her own national creds. From the first time I saw her and read her blogs in that geeky unrelated to reality way, I felt we had something in common. I followed her whatever she was into. In 2015 she set up Lifezette.

Laura is Editor and owner of the site.

It seemed to be modeled along the Breitbart website. As Breitbart News was broken down into Big Government, Big Journalism, Big Hollywood etc. Ingraham’s site LifeZette is broken down into PoliZette, MomZette, HealthZette, FaithZette, and PopZette.

What I liked about her from the start was her tongue in cheek humor, her feistiness and that she was really smart. She was a Supreme Court Clerk for Clarence Thomas for starters, dummies and braggarts need not apply for that job.

There is hope I believe for her.

Hillary/Kaine won Virginia by 5.3%. Tim Kaine was the Governor of Virginia then ran and won the Senate seat in 2012 with nearly a 6% margin. Remember that was in an Obama election year, he was Governor and his opponent George Allen was relatively unknown outside the state. The big boy donors stayed away from Allen except the Koch brothers did put up $35 k. Like I said not much big money went into that race. The big question in my mind would center on Laura Ingraham’s ability to attract some of the big donors to be able to kick start her campaign. I think she is the only one with the ability to connect with the “Trump Deplorables” and at the same time bring along the highbrow Republicans.

Interesting question.

Why is Virginia a “deep South” state voting Democrat lately? Well it is becoming a suburb of Washington on the Potomac. Half the Bureaucracy lives in Virginia. Compare the election map with where Washington DC is.  The deepest Blue.

I do hope she thinks this through and decides to run. I’m thinking Donald Trump would be in favor of it. He did consider her at one point to be his press secretary. I’m hoping he holds rallies for candidates he likes. She would need his help.

Either way that would be a good race to put a great deal of effort into as the Dems are on the ropes and will be trying desperately to hold onto the seats they have. We need to make them pay dearly if they want to hold Virginia. If they don’t put all their effort into Virginia and Kaine stumbles or Laura with Trump pull a Trumpian type campaign they may find themselves facing another unsuspected Kaine election loss not unlike the Hillary/Kaine one they still can’t get over. 

Heck, I’d even help set up a crayon, playdoh fund for the poor losers.

One thing people are forgetting is how good Trump was with the whole campaign with the people thing. Think what he could do to help candidates in 2018 if he continues trying his damnedest to drain the swamp and the people see progress?

For this Senate upset to happen, Trump needs to prove to his voters that he is continually fighting in that war Newt talked about and doing all he can to win it. We proved what an informed and upset rural population can do when they rise up.

If Trump stays fighting in our corner we can do it again and better.

With good leadership at the top, and lots of help from the Bottom Up.

Find something to do and “Swoosh” just do it.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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