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Friday, January 6, 2017

Changing Hands

The Shoes on the Other Foot

Trump tweeted, and the Republican Congressmen met in hurried session to figure it out. Who says that tweeting isn’t an effective way of communicating?

But let us not forget that the Republicans have not had both a majority in the House and a President at the same time in a very, very long time. What that portends is an understanding that the two must get in sync or look ineffectual which is what they campaigned against – ineffectual government. The shoe now is on the other foot.

We have been a party made up of what you could call different warring tribes with various tribal leaders. For example Libertarian Tribal Chief Rand Paul or Elite Senate Tribal Chief Mitch McConnell.  Just to name a couple.  There are many more and as they fight it out alliances change. In the past without leadership the various tribal leaders could say and do what they pleased. The Democrat President and his leadership could simply say “Who Cares”, because Republicans had no power. The Dems had learned to keep their tribes in control.

Now it is soon to be President Trump who is saying “Who Cares”. To assert some control over the fractious Republicans he seems to be saying “If I Care – You Better”. Well on this issue they did care.

Paul Ryan and the leadership did some whip cracking and got themselves not only behind Trump but behind what they all campaigned on. Repealing Obamacare and reforming the tax laws, which they realized under a Trump Presidency must be coupled with truth and honesty in government – “Draining the Swamp”. 

In an emergency Republican caucus House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy asked his Republicans whether they had campaigned on decimating the ethics office or on repealing Obama care and changing the tax code. In effect he was saying if you take power away from the ethics you will lose the support of the base and won’t be able to repeal Obama Care or change the tax laws.

He got unanimous support for not messing with the ethics committee. A side note, it is good to see Republican leadership backing up Trump on this. A step in the right direction? I hope so. It is good to see the Majority leader doing his job. Hey it is something and something ain’t nothing.

Perhaps we should heed the advice Jesse Ferguson was giving to fellow Democrats about trying to obstruct everything Trump does. Mr. Ferguson simply said it was a trap for them to do so. A lot of Democrats and Elite Republicans are coming around to the notion that a large part of the reason Trump won the election was that people were upset with the inability of government to get anything done. For whatever reason. Nobody cares about the reason, after decades of long winded excuses the people wanted whirlwind action. The people were putting the shoe of government on the other foot.

Obstructionism just for its own sake Jesse was saying would lead them right into being what 60 some percent of the voters thought government shouldn’t do. And what government shouldn’t do, is nothing. Jesse Ferguson was Hillary’s national press secretary for the 2016 campaign. He should have some idea of why they lost.

From the article this quote by Ferguson. “It's too soon to tell whether 2018 will be another change election. If it is, the conclusion we want voters to reach is that Trump’s government doesn’t work for them — not that government doesn’t work at all. We’ll never hate government more than Republicans do, and we never should.”

That in a nutshell is the difference between the two party’s ideologies. Summed up by Ronald Reagan so well when he said. “Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.” But that is for another blog. Ideology aside what we have is a massive trillion dollar government that can’t seem to get anything done or solve any problems. The Party that shows it can get things done will win the prize along with the hearts and minds of “Average Joe”.  Reagan tried his best, the people knew that and voted him back in.

I believe Mr. Ferguson’s statement to be correct. By the 2018 election however I believe because “the shoe has changed feet” you will soon see two things. First a splintering of the Democrat party back into smaller warrior tribes of their own and each will be trying to go along to get along as the Republicans have done for so long thinking they can save what little power they have left. 

Secondly under Trump’s leadership as they get used to having power you will see a more unified party which will show “Average Joe voter” that the government can work for them. The key is that Republicans fight tooth and nail against the corruption caused by that power - and they do something.

Republicans can do this by putting the reasons for their plans in a way people – average people will understand. Then the key is to lead by example showing that our leaders are willing to follow the same plan as they’ve made for us. The leadership must remember above all else that what we are trying to do is to make America Great Again and we need their help. The government needs to prove by deeds that they work for the people.  The key is that the leader lead.

A simple way of seeing this is to think of putting the shoe of governing back on the people where it started. I remember our government was a "Great Experiment" in self-governance.  

Humility when in power is rare and should be nurtured.

Trump and his tweeting is the perfect way to show people that and if the majorities in Congress can unite, then the government can prove by what it does who it works for. The average Joe already knows by deed who the government has worked for in the past. Itself.

The Republicans have now the two things they needed to allow them to have and hold power for a long time. The first is a message that the majority of Americans believe in: and that is the government needs to prove itself by starting to solve the problems it has promised to fix for 60 years. That starts with honesty and integrity or as Donald Trump would say “Draining the Swamp”. They need to do the honesty thing quickly and get to work actually changing things.

53% of Americans believe Trump will do a “good job”. That poll was in November after the election. That was a CNN poll. Pew came up with a 56% number of the voters think Trump will have a successful first term. 

As I was writing Drudge just put up this shocking Rasmussen Poll. This backs up and elaborates the above CNN poll.  Unique stuff here indeed. --- While 17% of Dems think Trump will succeed, 57% of the Dems want him to!? Overall 73% of the population want him too. The media would have you believe no-one but the radical right wants Trump to succeed. Again the media is disconnected even with the Democrat base let alone the rest of the country. 

Read all the poll.  Great stuff about what the majority wants, including less government.

The Republicans need to keep winning the middle of America over. The ball is now in the Republican court and the game is theirs to win or lose.

Getting back to the two things the Republicans need to do to hold power.  The second thing the Republicans need and have is a messenger to carry that message and lead the Republicans to that end. That leader is Donald Trump and the businesslike approach he is taking towards how government should run.

The Republicans need to get behind this ethics move to own it. It needs to stand up and “Drain the Swamp” wholeheartedly or the Democrats by our inaction will take it over from us as they have done with the slavery issue and every other issue we champion and then let them get hold of. 

I mean even now they are trying to rewrite history about how they distrust and hate the Russians. Wow, they are pretty good at the spin game. Now they are trying with this “Alt Right” stuff to claim what we say is the lie and they own the truth. We need to stick to the truth game and own it. We do that by actions not rhetoric.  

With Congress and President if we can’t be honest we shouldn’t be there. The voters have shown that they are not as stupid as the Dems think. Time to show our employers the respect they deserve.

We need to show by the action of government from now on just how smart the People were by electing the Republicans.

Trump showed respect for the voters and was honest with them - now the majorities in Congress have to get behind him in action and deed and not just in name only.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

PS for my more ideology driven friends. As much as I enjoy retribution I try to remember that under two left feet the government got us into this mess. I don’t think two right feet will do much better. Though some over-steering to the right to correct what the left has messed up is necessary.

But as Lincoln said in his 2nd inaugural, let us do that over-steering -----------  

"With Malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds."
My above Blog is about having the shoe on the other foot which means seeing what it is like to be in another one’s shoes and the lessons learned from that. We need to lead America not just Right or Left of America.

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