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Monday, January 23, 2017

Done Deal

Done Deal
Tidbits on What I Saw.

As I watched the Inauguration of the 45th President Donald J. Trump I picked up on some things I didn’t know or thought curious.

The J. stands for John as in Donald John Trump. Never paid attention or thought I needed to know that.

The First Lady is Stunningly Beautiful. Jackie O. and Michelle eat your heart out.

Who let Chuck Schumer give a campaign speech? The media called it uniting. Trump gave a real uniting speech giving America back to the people and it was called by the media “Divisive”.

Divisive – Really?

Yeah like I said Divisive as hell. Man what can we do to change the media? Hope Donald’s new guy Ajit Pai for Chairman of The FCC works to deregulate and get rid of net-neutrality. That’s a start. We should now have 3 on the board of 5. Time to clean that swamp up too.

Fox coverage by Shepard Smith talked of peaceful protests and how they are an American tradition while the camera men were filming rock throwing masked kids? – No make that thugs. Looked like ISIS thugs in Iraq. Not our nation’s capital. What’s up with Shep?

The only thing from the picture below that is missing is the ISIS flag.

As Shep continued to say how he lived in NY City and these protests were common place. I realized that he too is part of the status quo that Trump is upsetting. Part of that big city condescension. 

Then later as he praised the economic recovery under Obama I wondered when Shep drank the kool-aid. Better question was when did I drink it because I thought Smith was at least “fair and balanced”? I was half expecting him to talk next about a tingle running up his leg over the equanimity and calmness of the Obama’s in defeat, or the perkiness of Hillary – he didn’t.

I did get a new appreciation for Ed Rollins however for calling out the protestors for what they were. He said they were creating “Anarchy in the Streets”. Shep actually said that was a stretch. Isn’t it ironic that it was on CBS not Fox that I first heard anything about policemen being hurt by the rocks and bricks being thrown at them?

After the police cleared one part of a corner there were bricks and stones all over on the street, it was obvious to the viewing public. Just not to the commentators.

From viewing the live feeds it was obvious to me that in places there were as many or more photo-journalists than protesters. Later I saw something to that effect on Drudge.

The Morman Tabernacle Choir as they sang America the Beautiful caught hold of my mind as I tried to follow the unfamiliar words of the 2nd and 3rd verses. The part of the 3rd which said

“O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And Mercy more than life!"

That was especially poignant to me on a couple levels. First the tribute to those who died to keep America Beautiful and especially the words, “In liberating strife.” That hit a nerve as I’m always talking about how progress is made through conflict and what we gain through struggle we value more than what is given to us.

I agreed when I heard Rush after Trump’s speech call it in one word “Uncompromising”.

After years of watching Republicans and politicians back down and not do what they promised the American people they would do; it was indeed refreshing to hear Trump’s “Uncompromising” speech.

Blew the media away.

I guess I should be glad for the Schumer speech and the leftist commentaries trying to belittle Trump. After all it was that same old same old Politically Correct miasma of literary nothingness which insulted then galvanized ordinary working people around Trump who was the only candidate fighting back.

To win a battle against an entrenched enemy one has to mount a more violent offensive which may be against our better angels but is needed. 

Think of Abraham Lincoln after talking about “our better angels” in his first inaugural speech trying to placate the Confederate States. Shortly after the speech the Civil War started. After losing battle after battle you could see his relief in finding Generals like US Grant. Finally someone who would do anything necessary to win. He perhaps didn’t like Grant or his methods but Lincoln understood the necessity of him. 

It was only after victory that Lincoln again was free to talk about “our better angels” and other more conciliatory words. Again the necessity was, Lincoln needed to get a country up and running again or watch it descend into anarchy.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

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