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Friday, January 13, 2017

Trump Names Shulkin to "fix the VA".

This is Trump’s 10 point plan to fix the VA.

Then Trump picks Dr. David J. Shulkin to accomplish that plan.

I’m continually impressed with Donald Trump’s method of attacking a problem. First he defines the problem then gathers professionals around him to come up with solutions, then he along with the experts come up with a plan. It is at this point and not before that he starts to interview people that will carry out his plan.

Most other President Elects will first interview people and ask them individually what their solutions to the problems are, then pick the one they like best. 

 Like I said; not Trump, first he gathers the “Best and the Brightest” around him, figures out the best plan then hires someone whom he figures is the best one available to carry out the plan.

The perfect example is filling the Secretary for Veteran Affairs post mentioned above. We all know about the failures at the VA hospitals and all the stories of scandal, corruption and Veterans dying while waiting for treatment. Horrible stuff. As so often happens in Washington a figure head is put in charge of “fixing it” and not given any power and no clear understanding of what needs to be done. No idea of what he/she’ll be rewarded for or punished for doing. 

It is the way politicians do things, their way to distance themselves from someone who fails and to cover their inability to know or care about real solutions. It is the start of corruption. Those in charge basically denying that they are responsible for what they do.

Bottom line is that the people they put “in charge” do as little as possible out of self-defense and not much gets done.  That is the Swamp that needs Draining.

Trump is a businessman. They have different ways of “fixing problems” based on whether the problems actually get fixed or not. President Elect Trump after gathering an impressive group of professional people in the military and medical field came up with a 10 point plan back in July of 2016. Only then did he start interviewing people to fill that job. 

One of those “advisors” who helped Trump formulate his 10 Point Plan was Jeff Miller chair of the House VA oversight committee. He is a harsh critic of the way the VA works or should I say doesn’t work and how they waste money.

As you can see from the 10 point plan above, it is a poster child for what Trump calls “Draining the Swamp”. Trump’s term for getting rid of the “Culture of Corruption” that seems to be paralyzing America. 

It reminds me of the time in America when corruption was the “in thing”. I’m talking about prohibition. When it was the cool thing to break the law. “Hey babe let’s dress up and go out to the local “speak easy” get sloshed and do some dancing and what not. All the best people will be there”. Cops were being paid to let this happen, judges too and the rule of law was meaning less and less. The rule of law was changing into a new rule where success in life became more dependent upon who you knew than what you knew.

Sound familiar?

That was broken up at least in the F. B. I. by the formation of the “Untouchables”. A flying unit beholding to no one except the Director to renew the integrity of the F. B. I. and give back to people the confidence in law enforcement. Confidence back in the idea that no one is above the law and we all have a level playing field upon which we are judged by what we do not who we know.

As I look through the 10 point plan to resurrect the VA, by setting up a new infrastructure based solely on the idea of helping the Veteran. I see a 10 point plan for rewarding merit and getting rid of the slackers. I see a plan that puts Dr. David J. Shulkin directly in charge of making any changes he sees fit and being answerable only to the President based upon what is best for the Veteran.

It sets up a system to reward merit and punish the employees wasting money. Sets up a hotline with real people taking complaints from Vets.

I fail to see why any Veteran didn’t vote for Trump. If any vote against him in 2020 I’d be amazed.

Regards, Bob Carr
Live Dangerously, Tell the Truth

PS only two more Cabinet picks left, Agriculture and Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers.

For all the picks please see my side bar naming them all.

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