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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mike Cox. and Pizza

Mike Cox the Attorney General of Michigan paid a visit to the Muskegon County Republican HQ on Henry St. Tues. Mr. Cox is running for Governor and wanted to state his case for some of the party faithful. He did.

David Farhat helped round up and put together a nice spread with pizzas, pop, beans coleslaw and biscuits along with chicken nuggets from Domino’s. We had a good time talking and eating our lunch then Mike Cox stood up and gave a talk with questions from the audience after.

I counted at least 30 people. It was a pleasant event. Senator Jerry VanWoerkom joined the party also.

The Attorney General then stood and gave a nice talk. I was impressed with his ability to give specifics about state government; about the problems we face and some specific solutions to those problems. Mike Cox does seem to have a grasp on the working of our state government.

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One of his main points he made was that we had a triple deficit.
1. Budget deficit
2. Jobs deficit
3. Leadership deficit

Mr. Cox told us of his plan to cut the Business Tax in half and also cut the personal income tax. He then showed how his experience from the Marines thru the Attorney General had given him the ability to lead. He told of how he stood alone against the flow backing the Mi. Rights Initiative simply because he thought it was the right thing to do.

Mr. Mike Cox said Republicans needed to stand by their principles and he said he has found that when we do we can win. He gave himself as an example.
One of his main points was the importance of personal and business freedom, and how that translated into the economics of the state. Stifle freedom either personal or business as the Granholm Cherry administration has done through higher taxes and regulation and you lose jobs and the economy suffers. In other words a deficit in leadership has caused this economy and high unemployment. Cut taxes and cut red tape and things will improve.

I came away with a feeling that Mike Cox has a vision and the experience to carry it out.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Joemaflage said...

Mike Cox has shown that he can make governemnt run smooth. Most of the time this is to the detriment of our personal liberty.
If Cox wins WE lose

Anonymous said...

Mike Cox has damaged and/or ruined the lives of many thousands of Michigan Fathers and children. He should be drummed out of the Republican Pary and forced to live in California.

He has faithfully followed the policies of misandry created by the No-Fault Divorce Industry that was created by the Bolsheviks. Some would call what Mike Cox has done to Michigan families treason.

Anonymous said...

Mike Cox once told me he would never refer to fathers who cannot afford to pay their full child support as Deadbeat dads, as he found the term offensive. the very next day, on the Attorney General's own website were several audio clips of Mike cox talking about the sucess if his deadbeat parents sweeps.

I'm not sure if Mike meant to say the term "Dads" was offensive, or if he just forgot he not only used the term deadbeats, but then was so proud of the use of the term that he had multiple instances posted on his website.
Either way, the last guy that parsed his words s carefully is still best known for a particular stain on a dress, and a particularly grinding wife

Anonymous said...

Why would we want ANYONE in office who doesn't support family values? Isn't that the core of our nation? It's individuals such as Mike why our nation is falling to peices.

Anonymous said...

No wonder the Republican party is falling apart with jokers like these.

Anonymous said...

Mike Cox has been an anti-family and anti-father bureaucrat since taking office. The backbone of every state, and our nation, is THE FAMILY. An intact family is best, but even in a broken family children need both fit and able parents to guide them.

Michigan will remain a broken and hostile state to families UNTIL our bureaucrats stop inflicting this devastation and abuse upon us, and stop interfering with our fundamental and constitutional rights.

If Cox becomes governor, he will continue to run Michigan RIGHT INTO THE GROUND.

Mr. Cox, STOP THE ABUSE! The worst deadbeat are the politicians who refuse to see and acknowledge the truth and the facts.

Anonymous said...

Mike Cox is all about Mike Cox. If taking a particular action will help him achieve his ambitions, he will do it. If he doesn't get something out of it, he won't do it. His only principle is that Mike does what's good for Mike. What happens to other people as a result of his quest for power are of no consequence to him.

I can respect a man of principle, even if I disagree with him. A cannot respect a man who has no principles other than personal ambition.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Cox's gender bias (against men) disqualifies him from a leadership role. Clean it up or step aside Mr Cox. Feminism is a failed social experiment, much as communism was. No gender bias in goverment. Our Republic needs republican leadership. Mike Cox is not a republican leader. No to Mike Cox.

Unknown said...

AG Cox has not shown the true leadership that is needed in our state. He has fundamentally failed the test of leadership due to his inability to address the abuse of our state's families by the state. The state's family courts and AG Cox have worked together to keep children away from a loving parent in almost all custody cases so that the state can collect federal tax monies. AG Cox has personally gained from this scheme.