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Friday, July 24, 2009

County Youth Fair and Flags.

In case you're curious; people out there are in this off election year getting fired up for the GOP. The Muskegon County Republicans have had their booth up at the Ravenna Youth Fair since Tuesday.

Thursday was my night to watch it. I had rigged up a flag give away with donations from Bensons Drug downtown and Goeff Hansen.

click on pics to enlarge

We had 200 flags, 350 candy things, with 10 bouncing lighted balls, and two main prizes of stuffed elephants. Below I took pictures of the main prize winners. The theme of the event was "GOP Always A Winner" If you picked any of the 200 flags you not only got to keep the flag but you at least won 2 pieces of candy or a bottled water. You also had a chance at the balls and elephants. Below are the two prize winners. Instead of saying "cheese" they happily said "GOP".

I must of said "You're Always a Winner With the GOP" over a hundred times. Parents and the kids thought it a good thing. Most of them "got it". I started this giveaway at about 5:30, at 8:15 the last flag was given away. See pic below

I then wandered over to the animal auction. If you look closely you'll see Bruce and Shirley Privacky in the stands.

Next year, I'll try to push for at least one event like this a day to keep our booth lively. I'll be asking the candidates to come up with the ideas. Let the candidates push the idea of the GOP as well as themselves. There could be as many ideas for interactive give aways and the like as there are candidates. Most could be done for 100 dollars or less.

It was fun

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Jason Gillman said...

Thats the fun stuff.

Way to show it can be enjoyable. I like the flag display too

live dangerously said...

Thanks JG

I did enjoy it and better yet, there were a bunch of others and their parents that liked the candy and cold bottled water.

That last picture brings back fond memories of my lost youth lol. I see that pic and I think of the movie "Hearts in Atlantis"

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

ps. These fairs are hapopening all across the state. In my neck of the woods the Oceana county one is comintg up in Hart and the Newaygo one is coming real soon.