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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Harvest of Love and Fellowship

A Harvest of Love and Fellowship

Fun was had by all.

July 21, Love Garden along with Love Fellowship Baptist Church put on a Garden Party, to celebrate a successful garden year and to reach out to the community on behalf of the church. Through the constant efforts of Morning Bear and Pastor Phillips our garden, Love Community Garden flourished this year.

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In our garden, we not only harvested a wide variety of vegetables but fellowship with our neighbors and the church. We have over 20 raised plots, and as many gardeners. During the season, Morning Bear had been working with the Parks and Rec. dept. and the summer classes they give at Nelson school. That effort also paid off. We saved two garden plots for them and they came and had such a good time that we became part of their class. Every Monday morning they trek across the street and come learn and enjoy our garden, their plots and each other. Next Monday will be their last class for the season.

At this point I would like to give credit to Vicki from the Health Dept. who helped Sheppard the funds and paperwork so we could afford the lumber and dirt for the raised beds and we are able through the grant money to put in a well that we are in the process of hooking up now. This will save the church from paying for the water we use. The Church will still have to pay for the electricity to run the pump.

Last Sunday Pastor Phillips gave a sermon I’m told about how he needed help in reaching out to the community, he could not do it himself. He asked his congregation to become his disciples in the outreach effort. The Garden Party proved his ability to preach the Word. Gardeners brought dishes to pass and the Church members brought dishes and helped set up tables and chairs. Donations were gathered from neighbors for the meat and fun. The rest was all volunteer stuff.

I took pics of the Garden Party, but I’m sorry to say once the food was available I didn’t take any more till the very end. The point is that this event spread like wild fire through the neighborhood and soon there were long lines at the food table. I would estimate easily 100 people showed up altogether.

I brought along my buddy Marion from the Nelson Community Association whom I help now and then with his food pantry. He had donated the apple juice we served and also the potato chips. The smile never left his face as he stood there and watched all the people. He has worked his adult life for things like this and he was happy.

The Chronicle had been to our Love Community Garden earlier in the week and was invited to this Party. They came. They are also coming Monday to see the Park and Rec kids in action. They are talking of putting this all together into a feature article in the Chronicle. I took a pic of her taking pics so I could prove I scooped the Chronicle. Lol.

There are too many people involved in this to name and that is the beauty of it. We all get what we get out of it. I’ve been eating fresh green beans and radishes and big carrots fresh picked from my plot every day for at least a week now. I have onions almost ready. I already picked my lettuce three weeks ago. My tomato plants are flowering like crazy and have just started to pop out the beginnings of the fruit. I also have some parsnips coming along.

We have three larger 8’x8’ community shared garden plots where we have already picked strawberries and squash. In those we have parsnips, sunflowers, beans and a lot of squash plus a start of rhubarb and other things I forget.

The rest of the individual plots are as varied as the people they belong to. Collard, Curly, Mustard and Georgia greens. Plenty of tomatoes, well the list is long, with carrots, peas, beans you name it.

Enough talking, they say a picture is worth a thousand words; I’ll let them finish out the blog. After the Party Jody and Morning were back at it watering the garden. We each have a night of the week we are responsible for watering the garden.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Monday GOP Muskegon Meeting

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We had our regular monthly GOP business meeting. Topics included finalizing plans for our Grand Old Picnic Aug 8th at Pamona park, setting up our GOP booth at the County Youth Fair in Ravenna. (scroll down my side bar to "Calender of Events" for details). Ken and Kay Punter as they have done all along volunteered to set up the tent and displays then open the booth every morning and close it at night. Kay passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers to man the booth. Below is the schedule, if you want to volunteer to fill a slot call me at 231-728-3455. Feel free also to show up and help out whoever is there at the time. The more the merrier.
-----booth schedule-----

The Muskegon GOP Fair Booth is located across from the steer/dairy barn and in front of the rabbit awning for 2009. The Fair is at the Muskegon County Fairgrounds on Hts. Ravenna Rd.

Tuesday, July 21st
2 - 3:00 pm Senator Van Woerkom (contact:
3 - 4:00 pm Senator Van Woerkom (contact:
6 - 7:00 pm George Richards grichards922@gmail.com____________________
7 - 8:00 pm George Richards grichards922@gmail.com____________________
8 - 9:00 pm George Richards grichards922@gmail.com_____please close booth

Wednesday, July 22nd
9 - 10:00 am Jim Riley jambork@aol.com________________please open booth
10 - 11:00 am Jim Riley jambork@aol.com______________________________
Jan Koens muskegoncountygop@gmail.com_________________
11 - 12:00 am John Dantuma jdantuma@ureach.com______________________

Thursday, July 23rd
8 – 9:00 am Jim Riley jambork@aol.com_________________please open booth
2 – 3:00 pm Frank & Pat Uriarte uriartemusk@comcast.net_________________
3 – 4:00 pm Frank & Pat Uriarte uriartemusk@comcast.net_________________
6 - 7:00 pm Bob Carr 728-3455 glhotdogs@verizon.net____________________
7 - 8:00 pm Bob Carr 728-3455 glhotdogs@verizon.net____________________
8 - 9:00 pm Bob Carr 728-3455 glhotdogs@verizon.net_____please close booth

Friday, July 24th
4 - 5:00 pm Bruce Privacky privacky@hotmail.com_______________________
5 - 6:00 pm ______________________________________________________
6 - 7:00 pm ______________________________________________________

Saturday, July 25th
1 - 2:00 pm _______________________________________________________
2 - 3:00 pm _______________________________________________________
3 - 4:00 pm _______________________________________________________

I also told our meeting that I had set up a "flag giveaway" titled "Always a Winner with the GOP", I got the idea from the Oceana County Republican meeting I went to last week. I donated 200 small 6" flags that I will stick in a 2" thick styrafoam board. Passers by will be able to pick a flag for free. On the bottom will be a color code. The color will determing which prize you will win. 1st, 2nd, or 3rd.

Benson Drugs in downtown Muskegon on Apple ave. donated over 300 pieces of candy and Marion donated 50 bottles of water which I will try to divide up into 188 roughly equal 3rd place prize bags. Next Rep.Goeff Hansen is donating the money to cover 10 second place prizes and 2 first place winners.

Benson's sold us at cost (better than half price) 10 solid balls with a light that flashes when bounced for our 2nd place winners; I really liked them, I hope the kids will too. I then found two stuffed elephants for the first place prizes at Wall Mart. They are about 18" in legnth and come with a nice CD all about elephants put out by the BBC. As I said Rep Goeff Hansen is donating the cost of the balls and elephants. This promo for the GOP is free of charge to the GOP. That should be fiscally conservative for everyone. lol

Rep. Goeff Hansen also attended our meeting and got to talk with everyone, he is becoming a regular in our midst. Also showing up and giving us a talk was Jay Riemersma who is running for Pete's seat the 2nd US House seat. I did like the part of his talk where he talked of a Republican Rennasance in 2010. I believe we as Republicans need to hear about positive things like that and not act like we are already beaten, or ashamed of being a Republican.

Ken and Kay Punter were there to set up the Youth Fair booth as I mentioned. I did see Ken talking with Jay and Goeff and Farhat after the meeting. I can only assume it was about a possible run for office. I'm keeping an eye on Ken.

After the event we loaded up Ken's truck with the booth and other stuff for the Fair and I followed them out there to help them put it up. We got out of there around dark.

That's it for now.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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