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Monday, July 20, 2009

GOP + green

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Stuart Peterson and his wife Tia have been running the GOP "Adopt a Highway" program for a number of years now. The Muskegon County Republican Party adopted a 2 mile stretch of Apple Ave east of Muskegon; I mean way east, 10 miles east of Maple Island. Every time I drive out there I think I must of missed it.

I missed the Spring Cleanup simply because I forgot; luckily there were four others that made it. This time I'm glad I made it as Stuart and I were the only ones.

The way it works is that we meet at Shays Rd. which is in the middle of our highway. Then one person or team walks one way a mile then back a mile, the other person/team goes the other way. This is done 3 times a year and the trash is light. 5 bags of trash was the total.

This was done Sat starting at 9;30 I was back home at 11:30, a half hour of which was driving time. There were a ton of cycles roaring past on their way to Muskegon, and a few honked. Bike Time looked like it was a success again this year.

My Two Bottom UPs award to Stuart for doing this 3 times a year. Usually there is help but he told me he has done the entire thing himself a few times, also that he and his lovely wife Tia have done it together alone a few times also.

If you want to volunteer, I will always post on my side bar under calendar of events the time and particulars, or call me 231-728-3455 and I will hook you up with Stuart. The next one is sometime around Labor Day.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

2 comments: said...

Very cool, what they're doing. Thanks for spreading the word.


live dangerously said...

There's always somethng to do if you look.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative