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Friday, July 17, 2009

One Thing Leads To Another

One Thing Leads To Another.

My buddy Marion from the Nelson Community Association, called me up saying he needed my truck and me to pick up some food Tues. morning, from Love Inc. which came from WZZM 13’s food drive. The pickup point was near the corner of Sheridan and Hall Rd.

There was only one truck full, about 30 boxes and they were light, not the normal heavy boxes of canned goods. As we pulled up the skid of our stuff was outside and a lady was walking back in the building. We stopped her and then I learned something new. She immediately went inside saying she would bring out some help to load my truck. She did; and five of the nicest teenagers you would ever want to meet made quick work of the job. I was intrigued and started asking questions. What I found out may be common knowledge but to me it was new.

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This lady and her helpers were there through SERVE. SERVE is a religious organization that is service orientated. It is international. The teenagers volunteer and pay to go on an extended work, service vacation helping minister to those in need through acts of service to them. It is also educational. I learned that this chaperoned group just had finished building a wheel chair ramp for someone and was helping today load up the food from the food drives into the trucks of the different local food pantries.

This and all the other SERVE groups travel the country doing things like this. Local churches in the communities help out. In Muskegon it was the Calvary Babtist Church in Norton Shores that serves as the focal point in Muskegon. The local churches’ job is to find a list of things for the group to do and put them up at the church while they are in town.

I’m sketchy on the details, I apologize, but this lady was from Ontario for example. Muskegon wasn’t their only stop either. I did manage to take a couple of pictures.

As I was unloading the boxes back at Marion’s pantry, I came across a box of potato chips. Marion gave me the two bags I needed for my donation to the upcoming Love Garden picnic on the 21st. That saved me $6-7.00; covered my gas money so to speak. One thing leading to another.

Our garden is a success. Lots of neighbors working together to help themselves out. Our outreach to the kids in the Nelson School summer program is a success. Our fellowship with Pastor Phillips and his church is working. We are having a picnic with the kids, church members and gardeners on the 21st of July, at the garden. Hotdogs and everyone’s to bring a dish to pass if they can. A lady from the Chronicle came out too yesterday and interviewed Morning Bear who is one of the prime movers behind the garden. The reporter wanted to meet more of the gardeners so Morning invited her to the picnic. Another thing leading to another thing.

Woke up Wed. morning with a phone call from my friend and fellow Precinct Delegate (Precinct #6 Mukskegon Heights). I have posted before about Larry and the huge garden he has in his yard; well he called Wed to let me know that a tree had fallen in his yard taking out his electricity and back steps.

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As Larry and my friend looked at the mess we marveled at the damage that could have happened if the tree fell 2-3 inches to the left.

Larry needed help. As you can see the tree itself is standing, just the branch fell. As you can also see the branch was 30-40 feet long and heavy enough to crush through a 4 inch concrete plate and four rows of cinder block underneath. Another few inches and it would of taken off his eave and another foot and the back hip and porch would have been ruined. Larry and I spent Wed. getting rid of all but the main branch. Thurs. we got rid of it.

The reason it took so long was that I was cutting the oak to length and splitting it on site for my own use next winter. I burn wood for my heat so this came in handy. The other reason it took so long is that I’m getting old and I split it with a mall and wedges. The upside is that insurance will pay me net a couple hundred to take down the rest of the tree. As they say again, one thing leads to another; a neighbor came over wanting to know if I would take down their tree. If this one works then I’ll have a job doing his and some more wood.

Life is good with the right attitude, life can be better if we let one thing lead us to another.

It starts by getting up and doing the “one thing” that will lead us on our journey to the others.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Jason Gillman said...

"cutting the oak to length and splitting it on site for my own use next winter."

As well as having to sharpen the blade? Oak is "hardcore" on a chainsaw..

live dangerously said...

Hi JG, You got that right. I have five blades I keep sharp. Hate to sharpen on site.

But hey I'm just a city boy what do I know. lol.

To parapharse the song, City and Country Boy can survive

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative