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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

What To Do?

What To Do?

What an exciting election year we have ahead of us at the county, state and national level. We talk of the Gingrich or the Reagan Republican Revolutions and what we are really talking about are the people from the grassroots getting motivated (Pissed off) and getting out there and spreading the word and actually voting. Friends were prodding friends to vote and vote Republican.

In the past this revolution started in local school board meetings and in the churches until the Jimmy Carter “malaise” talk finally got everybody fired up because they were fed up and bored with such drivel coming from our leaders.

This time around even a lot of Dems are longing for the meek and mild Carter. This new administration and the leadership in the House is taking too much joy in trying to stuff their agenda down our throats. If we were fed up with the “Carter Malaise”; how do you think we will react to the thugishness, intimidation and mania of this crew?

My tank is going from fed up right to pissed off. Excuse the language please.

What to DO about it?

This coming election is all about taking back as much of the House as we can. That effort starts from the Bottom Up. The only thing “historic” this time around is the Trillion dollar and rising budget deficits. I’m thinking that along with that and all the other million things the liberals are throwing at the wall; that all this will help Conservatives in their efforts at rekindling the flame.

When hundreds of thousands of people across the country had little tea parties some of which had 10 or 20 while others had a few thousand; those people suddenly realized that they were not alone and that there were people from all walks of life that agreed with them. It felt good and they wanted more. That bond was lacking until then.

So again, what to do about it?

If you live in the 7th Michigan Congressional District, call up or email Tim Walberg today and offer your help in any way you can. He lost his seat to Mark Schauer by 2 points in the Obama wave. The point spread in his district is actually 2 points in favor of Republicans. I blogged about Walberg standing with Price and Dan Burton, trying to get the drilling ban lifted. They did, even Candidate Obama feeling the pressure changed his position on that. Of course he quickly changed back once elected. We need people of Walberg's guts back in the House.

The point is that if Republicans would have turned out to vote like the Dems did in 08, Walberg would have been reelected. The Dems turned out due to the historic nature of the election, this time the historic nature of our country going bankrupt for generations to come should be enough to turn out Republican voters. Walberg's website is below.


Another real cliff hanger is predicted for my favorite conservative Thaddeus McCotter, from Michigan’s 11th Congressional District. In 08 he won reelection against an underfunded opponent 54%-45%. Obama won 51% of the district. The National Democrat Party has targeted McCotter and will be pouring money into this race looking for an upset. This race is even. McCotter needs all the help we can get him. The US House needs all the help McCotter has been giving it.

Here is his website, sign up and give him a hand. Be sure to check out the “media center” button on the site. It won’t take long to understand he is not a Republican In Name Only. Lol


Well, so do you want to know what the really Big Elephant in the room is that nobody talks about? Simple it’s all of us out there who talk and bitch and moan and cry in our beer, whatever.

What to do about it?

Here’s a plan, learn by doing; research the candidates. Try to find one you like. Try something unique, out of the box; find something they voted on that you liked, and thank them. Call one up or email them or whatever and volunteer for a parade and pick up a tee-shirt. Do not worry, the candidates will be tickled pink you want to help them. Go to another candidate for another office and get another tee-shirt.

Always remember elections are about one thing; votes. Votes are people, your friends neighbors and the crowd you know. Talk with them, find ways to get them to the polls and vote this time.

Now find excuses to actually go out shopping at Meijers or wherever while you wear the tee shirt. Change shirts do it again someplace else another day. Imagine if you saw someone else out there doing that? Instant bond. Kinda of like word of mouth kick started with a tee shirt. Make a point of wearing the tee-shirt twice a week where others will see it. Even doing gardening or yard work where neighbors will see qualifies.

You’ll be surprised at how you feel. Actually doing something is way different than thinking or talking or blogging about it are. It’s called a reality check. It’s also called standing up for what you believe.

Will this start the next Republican Revolution? Maybe, maybe not; but I guarantee to you that the Republican Revolution will not start without that kind of integrity coming from the bottom up demanding the same from those above.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. I pulled a lot of stuff off this link about the elections coming up.

If you think this is some optimistic BS then look at the link below.


Pretty upbeat news for Republicans, and there is plenty more good news out there. While the article is filled with good examples, the best news is that they had to leave out lots of other good news. Look at Michigan and the Governor’s race, after the miserable failure of Democrat Jennifer Granholm’s policies, that position is ripe for the picking. Look at Bunning resigning in the Senate in Ohio too.

Perhaps it’s time we went on the offensive. From the article above I loved the following quote. This candidate dared use our Dear Leaders name in a negative way.
“They see the Congress spending at a rate we’ve not seen in years; they’re making commitments for future generations — and we’re not seeing any results,” said Nunnelee. “Somebody needs to step up and hold the Obama administration accountable.” I’m keeping my eyes on this Miss. Race and state senator Alan Nunnelee

Again Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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