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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Fire at the Kensington.

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Last night I awoke to the rumble of big trucks and a smell of smoke. I finally got up at 3:30 walked down to the corner and through the smoke could see alot of lights flashing. It looked bad, it was.

This was a huge fire just off the corner of Strong and Peck on Peck. The venerable brick apartment building "Kensington" with I would guess 12 apartments was fully involved by the time I got there. I would guess the fire started around 3am. I would also guess the fire started on the 2nd or 3rd floor.

By the time I got there the 2nd ladder truck had arrived. The firemen had there plan in motion. They seemed to be fighting a losing battle. Mainly they fought what looked like a staying action to prevent complete colapse and to protect the buildings next door.

I got enough smoke and left at 4am. The second batch of Pics were shot at 9;30. As you can see the buildings roof was gone and the firefighters had been working hard all night. A 3rd ladder truck had arrived along with the much appreciated I'm sure Norton Shores Canteen which was a school bus type vehicle fitted out to let the firefighters relax and drink and eat something.

My hats off to and a big Bottom Two Thumbs UP for all the fire fighters and first responders.

Casualties I know nothing about other than I saw a lady being treated for what seemed to be smoke inhalation. I hope that was all, but I don't know yet. The suffering was also apparent in the people wandering around with handfulls of their belongings.

Regards, and Prayers
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3:30 night pics.
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Next pics are from 9:30 am click to enlarge

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At 3pm I saw flames had erupted again and were put out but smoke was still comeing from the structure.

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