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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You never know till you ask.

More often than not, I’m pleasantly surprised by the result.

I was Coming down Campus Dr. on my way back from my plot at Love Garden when I saw a guy and a girl walking in my neighborhood. They looked like teenagers except they were wearing uniforms; US Army Uniforms. Well in my neighborhood that deserved a long look as I drove by. Finally it dawned on me to turn around and say hello to them and see what I could find out.

Hey I’m a blogger, that’s what I do. I feel like a nosey bastard sometimes.

Please click on Pic to see what I'm talking about.

They were amused by this old man. We introduced ourselves, they were polite, I felt the rude one. The guy was Lieutenant Col. Johntae Anderson, the gal was Captain Jessica Pruitt. Upon questioning I found out that they were in JROTC and attending Muskegon High School. Impressed and intrigued I wondered if there were more young adults like them. Captain Pruitt piped up that there were 109 Cadets in their program.

I asked if they were wearing their uniforms for a special reason and they both said Wednesday was “Uniform Day”. I felt they were proud of it, thank you very much. When asked if they had any upcoming events Captain Pruitt rattled off a list. As my memory is degenerating as we speak, I was impressed and envious. I also forgot the list.

From the website,


I found the name of the Group was the Red Battalion. I also found the list Captain Pruitt rattled off and I forgot.


So if you attend a Memorial Day Parade around here chances are that you will see them. The Army is getting a deal from my neighborhood with these two. Makes me feel good just thinking about it.

I did happen to remember our May 23rd event and invited them. Lt. Col. Johntae Anderson said they were putting up flags at the Oakridge Cemetary. After all the political wrangling of the last couple weeks, I was uplifted because I stopped and turned my car around. I'm glad this time I didn't think I was too busy.

I guess you never know till you ask.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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