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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catch 23

Catch # 23

I always claim the most important task of the party is to get our candidates elected. To do that I claim we need to organize the party on a more user friendly (grass root) level. The obvious purpose being, to defeat the Liberals.

I applaud our County party, they have begun the process. In the past, we only had a monthly board meeting to vote on or bring up ideas. That was it. If you wanted to prepare for the meeting ahead of time, good luck. Agendas weren’t available until you walked in the door. To try to get on the agenda, well it was kind of a secret ritual type of thing.

That is changing, that is a good thing.

Now the party has new caucus luncheon meetings a week before our monthly board meetings. This was set up for the purpose of letting those other than the leadership have some input into the agenda and generally help create a place to foster committees and their workings and get people involved.

Our last caucus was yesterday, 5/11/09 at the Pizza Ranch E. Sherman at noon. Our Vice Chair emailed everyone beforehand that anyone interested in talking about our Web Site should show up 15 min. early to hash it out. (An opening for the committee idea.) That was a good idea we did meet and talked but it wasn’t long enough to get much decided. But it was a step in the right direction.

Let me preface what I say next by stating that these caucus’ are an execellent idea and have done wonders at firing up our County Party. They have been pleasant affairs, people eating good food while a very informal type of “meeting” took place; more of a discussion. The process of running these get-togethers, is still in the making.

That is where the Catch comes in. Primary season has started in full gear.
After the too short 15 min. work session, we were invaded by Chuck Yob and his Candidate for Governor and their entourage. Leadership (may) have known ahead of time, I don’t know. But the rest of the meeting was a pitch by the Candidate for his candidacy.

This was part of Yob et all’s new “listening tour”; I know not too original, and perhaps?—“Telling” in its similarity to another current tour?

Getting back to the Catch 23 idea. Getting past the idea that the Yob express steamrolled in and took over with a film crew and entourage, shutting out a representative from Hoekstra’s camp and another candidate running for US Rep, who is part of our County party; the Caucus accomplished nothing while the membership was there. Only before in our 15 min. of grace and later after the membership left including the entourage was anything constructive accomplished for our County party. Then it was done with the same 4-5 people. The purpose of the meeting was defeated; if you see my point.

The Catch of course is how to get things done for the party to help support the candidates? How do we keep the Party focused on what is good for the Party and not what is good for the candidate? Obviously things need to be seperated. Primaries are an inherently divisive but necessary process. We need them to help bring new ideas and people into the Party. The “event” yesterday was perfect if you wanted to learn about a Candidate. The Candidate performed well and we did learn about him which was good. Face to face is necessary and a good thing.

I'm sure this is just a blip in our learning process.

We could to set some parameters. Let us conduct our business during the caucus and let the candidates have their 15 minutes of grace before and after. If they want more, then they should schedule something on their own dime and their own time.

If they wanted to really listen on their Listening Tour then well you can figure it out. I would think a potential Governor should be able to.

Below are pictures of our group
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One of the Deadly Duo.

Next are the guys doing the filming and seemingly as I tried to get to the restroom; blocking the exit. lol

I don't know, I guess I felt a little pimped out. But I guess it was generous of Mr Yob to provide West Michigan an alternative to Pete Hoekstra. Thoughtful guy our National Committee man. The more the merrier I guess and all that.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be a Conservative


Jason Gillman said...

Actually.. a great post.

Worth reading over and over.. and if anyone really needs to ask why, then it wouldn't help to explain.

However I will add this.. Will we be steamrolled into the next candidate we throw out there for governor? I hope not, and I hope people are paying attention to what the candidates actually stand for.. Themselves, or the conservative Principles which will guide us to a stronger prosperity?

live dangerously said...

Thanks for that Jgilman. I would like to ask you about renting busses as I believe you rented one from TC to Lansing the 15th. We're thinking of doing that for the July 4th bash in Lansing. By the way here is a website for our get together we're having to honor veterns on Friday the 23rd of Memorial Day weekend. They put on the Muskegon Tea Party the 15th and I've been volunteering as they grow. Felt guilty about going to lansing but we had about 400 show up. I'm not invaluable. lol
My email is Send me yours and or a phone # if you could as I need a starting point to start calling.

Anonymous said...

not surprising to find yobs at the bottom of something...while snyder is down there you'll never know what he'll find...or maybe he is just listening...

live dangerously said...

Yup not all that surprising to me either Dave; just annoying. Welcome to the site.
Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative