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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Fun Political Weekend

Fun Political Weekend

Oceana County Republicans had their Lincoln Day Dinner Friday night with Pete Hoekstra as the keynote speaker and Goeff Hansen as the MC. Goeff did a great job. I had met Juanita Pierman at the Five County Fun event last month so I was glad to see her again. Her Lincoln Day went well, I would make it at around 100 who attended. The food and friendship were both more than palatable.

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I was also to see that active and vibrant group from Lake county not only show up but help out. They ran a pretty creative pin the donkey raffle for a muzzel loader and some other prizes. Kudos to the Runnels.

Pete Hoekstra gave a pretty good talk and managed to bring up some good lines about the Democrats. Prior to his talk there was a professional auctioneer auctioning off some things and his barrarge of pitter patter was so fast and confusing people had a hard time understanding and also trying to figure out what and how much they were bidding.

Pete brought up the comparison between the auctioneer and Nancy Pelosi as they tried to ran bills through congress and specifically when Pelosi was trying to say she didn’t know anything about torture after she had been briefed multiple time about the enhanced interrogation techniques that were to be used. Pete was very specific that during the briefings it was stated which techniques and under what guidelines those techniques were to be used. Pete’s best line was about Pelosi acting like an auctioneer, just babbling a mile a minute and not saying anything and leaving everybody scratching their heads.

Pete’s passion for intelligence and foreign affairs and the bad direction the administration is taking us is obvious. Also obvious is that Pete knows what he is talking about in this area. Pete also has been in the national news of late “big time”. I did notice that he dedicated too much of his talk to national affairs probably because of all that national attention. He only managed a few minutes talking about Michigan and that he was running for Governor. I think he will need to start to focus on Michigan again and get specific about what is wrong and start to offer a specific set of solutions people can get behind. Think "Contract With Michigan" if you will. We know and love him for what he has done on the national stage and now Pete needs to show us what he will do on our Michigan stage. I know it is early yet and all the candidates are feeling their way into their new campaigns, but Michigan and his specific solutions to it's problems need to be out there in the forefront.

As Pete mentioned in his talk; Michigan is a huge state. As my Chairman pointed out because of that, before the 2010 election, he will probably only get one more shot at the voters in Oceana County. A state level connection needs to be made now and cemented in next year. On Pete’s behalf the national media coverage he has been getting lately, because of his expertise in Intelligence is priceless. His other primary contenders I’m sure are drooling. Now however is the time to parlay that excellent name recognition and stature into Michigan issues and how as a leader he will find solutions.

I really like going around to the different county parties and meeting one or two people and just pick their minds, of course I’m always pushing the idea of working together and that kind of thing. I think just by going to some out of County events, I’ve learned that people seem to be receptive to that idea and it is a good ice breaker with strangers. Besides if anyone needs not to feel more isolated, it’s Republicans at the county and township level.

This is all I have time to post about now. I did go to our 1st ever Precinct Delegate Workshop, Sat. morning and it was ok. It was a beginning. I would guess 20-30 people showed up. After that was the Luncheon featuring the Governor of Utah, Jon Huntsman Jr. We had a fair turnout of around 60 or more. For a spur of the moment thing we did good. Farhat, Hughes, and Scolnik did well. I will post on my Organize-Take Muskegon Back blog tomorrow.

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Also I worked on our Love Garden along with the Blue Sky Lions. Pictures of all I will post but not till tomorrow.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

2 comments: said...

Love Lake County. Any time I read anything about Lake County I'm reminded of an event we did on the DeVos campaign there in, oh, I guess 2005.

We had an informal dinner with some County GOP folks. We'd already done the meeting thing and Dick wanted to go and just hang out... so we hit this local bar / restaurant.

The name escapes me but the table we sat at I'll never forget if for no other reason than the stuffed jackalope hanging on the wall behind us.

Stuffed freaking jackalope.

I thought that was pretty much the definition of awesome.


live dangerously said...

Thanks for bringing that laugh to me today.