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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Eastside Extravaganza

East Side Extravaganza – Thurs. May 28th thru Sat. May 30th

Last year and for lots of years prior there had been an Eastside Extravaganza. The event had been lovingly run by Jerry and Carole Nichols. The proceeds had gone back into the community. Fire and police received some; while most of the money has gone to the parks and rec. Dept for their activities with the children of the area. Sadly the Nichols decided to retire from running it. Below is a link to the Chronicle article from last year about that.


Next I saw on the Muskegon County GOP site a listing for the Eastside Extravaganza. I was confused so I started digging. Viola! On the Muskegon County Michigan site I found the following.

May 28th – May 30th
2009 Eastside Extravaganza
This is where summer begins! There will be a Beverage and Entertainment Tent from noon to midnight daily (6:00 pm to Midnight on Thursday). Musical Guests include: Steve Edge, Music Mania, Yardsale Underwear, and Plan B. There will be a Pancake Breakfast (Saturday 8:00 am to 11:00 am hosted by the Northside Lions). There will be Kids Activities and Contests, Games and more. Hey, check out what's new at "Taste of the Eastside," as local restaurants bring out their best dishes for all to sample. There will be the 16th Annual Car Show as well. The event will be held at Northway Lanes (Evanston & Harvey). For more information call 231-773-9181.

There seemed there was really going to be an extravaganza this year. I was intrigued. I called the number above and Sandy Johnson answered and I started asking questions. Northway Lanes is taking over running it from and according to Sandy, with the help of Jerry and Carole Nichols.

According to our conversation Sandy was using the previous Nichols’ format as far as they could. They normally had a Vegas type tent but Sandy said the Lions weren’t able to do it this year and Sandy couldn’t as Northway isn’t a charity.

Also a correction to the above cut and paste from the County The “Taste of the Eastside” is not going to happen as the local restaurants for various reasons didn’t step up. Sandy assured me however that there would be plenty of good food. Multiple vendors were lined up. Next year is well next year.

There will not be a parade either. Now before you get all grumpy and arguementative, I offer the following.

After talking with Sandy I realized that this was a lady that cared about the event, and about her community.

She was trying to keep alive a tradition that has been of benefit to the Eastside; a tradition that she didn’t want to see die. I asked Sandy if this year’s event could be called a get your feet wet type of thing. A time to really see what all is involved and what works and what doesn’t? She agreed.

One thing about the format that remains the same; the proceeds will still mainly go to Parks and Rec. Sandy did mention some will go also to the Cancer society.

The other continuing tradition which will remain untouched is, Fun for all. This event will remain a family friendly event with plenty of activities for the kids; A place for neighbors to gather and celebrate their community. That will not change.

So if you want to enjoy yourself and help a worthy cause; pack up the family and come to the Eastside Extravaganza.

I give a hearty “two thumbs Bottom Up Politics” to Sandy and the crew on the Eastside and the Muskegon Northside Lions. Also, we offer many thanks to the Nichols for building and helping to pass on a valued community tradition. With our help, the Eastside Extravaganza will indeed long endure.
To get my feet wet; as a newly minted Muskegon Lion I will call up and offer my services for the Breakfast that the Northside Lions are putting on.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

Ps. Found this blurb on MLive. The Township will mow Northway’s lawn and provide picnic tables in return for donations to the Parks and Rec. Dept. I had to chuckle at that one.


The bottom line is; it’s the real deal, let’s help it become what it was before.

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