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Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Choice Not an Echo

A Choice Not An Echo

Jona Goldberg used a quote from Barry Goldwater to tie in the Death of Jack Kemp, the defection of Spector and a plan to help the GOP out of the mire we are in.


Jona painted such a good picture that I’m cutting and pasting a part of it verbatim.

And herein lies the real opportunity in Specter's defection.

It's likely the Democrats will now have the 60 votes to run the Senate. Hence, Obama's legislative failures will, by definition, be failures to win over members of his own party. Republican "intransigence" and "partisanship" will be rhetorical in that Republicans have no formal means of stopping Obama, only the power of their arguments.

That is the environment conservatives thrive in. Yes, the Republican Party needs some new ideas, new solutions to our problems. But conservatives do not need new convictions. The GOP can choose to be the party of Kemp or of Specter, the choice or the echo. The spirit of Kemp stands for principle over power. The specter of Specter glorifies solely the principle of power. Kemp was far from perfect, but after his short time in government, he'll be remembered not only for doing great things but also for believing in the greatness of America.

Arlen Specter, even if he spends 40 more years in government, will be remembered for nothing at all.

Our strength as a party not only has been that we are the party of ideas as Jona Goldberg says; but also the party that knew how to carry them out. In times of trouble the voters would turn to the Republican party as the place for ideas and the practical knowledge to make them work.

I’ve posted the above ideas on this site and my local site “Organize-Take Muskegon Back” because “A Choice Not an Echo” is a perfect slogan for the County party to put up on a Billboard listing 2-3 real choices we offer the county and state voter. A Choice Not an Echo is also a perfect rallying cry to help create a real grass root organization at the Precinct level that we need desperately and what my local blog has been all about.

It would be a waste of time to post it on my Live Dangerously site as I know the National and state Republican Parties would never be so bold. The Power Politicians and their cadre of consultants would recoil at something so “controversial”

Great by me. Let them create the ashes that we the grass root Republicans will rise out of. They’ve made a good mess of it so far.

Our County Party is really starting to get behind the Precinct Delegate idea that will help. Another blogger friend and myself are trying to set up our own blogs devoted to PDs.

GordoM at Muskegon Pundit is in the process of putting up a brand new blog dealing exclusively with Precinct Delegates and local politics. Check his blog often. I’ll be interested to see his site when it’s up. He is talking of using it as a template for getting PDs recruited and putting them to work and a tool for other area blogs to use. Our PDs could set up their own using the template. Blogging is easy. Perhaps if there is interest we could give a class at the county party level. We are talking of having possibel PD monthly meetings. This could be the focus of one of them.

His blog if I understand it is to be based around Norton Shores PDs. A portal into Norton Shores politics and a site where PDs can find the tools to use to see what’s going on in NS and report about what they find. Also other tools to try to use that knowledge to affect NS politics can be developed. I hope I’m not putting words in Gordo’s mouth so I’ll shut up and wait. But it will be, A Way To Get Involved. What ever it turns out to be, GordoM is a good organizer. I can’t wait.

We both were excited to see the email from Jack McHugh the other day. It was the kick in the butt we needed. Someone needs to use the tools below. I decided it is my responsibility to protect my “Individual Freedom” by doing just that. I think GordoM would agree.

Below is a link to a blog I did about Jack McHughe's artilcle. The links I list after are his and are tools we can use to get things done to help create “A Choice Not an Echo” at our local Precinct Level.



I will be sending my Take Muskegon Back blog in a different direction and hopefully GordoM and I can coordinate our efforts. As we in the Party evolve this Precinct Delegate thing, I think our blogs cam be a relevant tool. Our county party is at long last going to get our County Republican web site back up to date. That if done well could serve as the hub for our individual Precinct level efforts, at least be a calendar of events and a way for people to learn about and volunteer for the Republican party.

From the Goldberg article again “The GOP can choose to be the party of Kemp or of Specter, the choice or the echo. The spirit of Kemp stands for principle over power.”

I saw all the proof I needed that what I was thinking had broad popular support on April 15th at the Tea Parties all across the country. People by the hundreds of thousands across the country basically said they have had enough of “Power (Big) Politics”. Before that I saw it in the 1 and a half million signatures on the “Drill Here, Drill Now, Pay Less” petition.

We as Precinct Delegates and volunteers of the Republican Party need to tell the “Big Power Politicians” where to go and what to do. It can again be our party, it can again be the party of Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt.

I’m going to blog on my other site “Organize-Take Muskegon Back” and start rearranging it. I am really excited to find another blogger who is not only joining but leading the way. This can be the party of “Individual Freedom” again where we all are leaders. We can all charge up San Juan hill together of our own accord. We can if we pool our thoughts and energies offer “A Choice Not An Echo”. We can then make it Happen.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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