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Saturday, May 23, 2009

This Sat. + Sunday, 2 days, 2 blogs, 2 blogspots.

This blog this Sat.

Sat. morning was a busy day for me and some others here in Muskegon.

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The first was a 9am meeting Goeff Hansen invited me to attend, along with some others from Muskegon County.

I had heard Representative Hansen talk before at Lincoln Day dinners and the like. I looked at him at first as just another politician doing his thing. By the 3rd time I heard him talk, I had a chance to talk with him. Rep. Hansen seemed easy to talk to yet not as condescending as most of the others. He had the ability to listen.

I had taken him to task over his voting for the bill in the State House allowing people to vote with an Absentee Ballot. I expected some kind of glorious waffle-licious like answer, which I call the canned IHop response.

Instead he led me through his thought process. He told me that he had called a couple of County Clerks to get their opinion about the role if any the new law would pose towards making it easier for fraud to enter into the voting system. Goeff said the clerks told him that it wouldn’t add to fraud. He then simply stated that he felt bound to vote the way his district believed, including the clerks in the district who's job it was to know. That simple common sense approach to a problem may not be glamorous but it told me something about Mr. Hansen. Told me something about myself too; as I would of preferred an IHop waffle to go.

But being the blogger that I am, I called the Newaygo County Clerk to back check his story and my own knowledge. She agreed with what Representative Hansen told me and added other information. Newaygo should be happy to have such a clerk. She is also serving as head of the Michigan group of County Clerks. She knows her stuff. Her name is Laurel J. Brueker.

After that I had decided that I would do what I could to help out this common sense candidate in his quest to fill the 34th State Senate seat in the upcoming election. That seat is and has been ably filled by Senator Gerald VanWoerkom. He however, has bagged his limit and is being term limited out.

In the general election Mary Valentine will be pitted against whoever the Republicans decide to run. Rep. Hansen is the only declared candidate at this time. I know I’ve heard of a possible run by David Farhat and Holly Hughes; however neither have thrown their caps into the ring as of yet. Also there is rumor of another, perhaps William Bobier—just gossip at this stage.

The pictures below are of our little group that hopes to spread it’s spider web over Muskegon County. That is the hope, I know the idea; this blog is called “Bottom Up Politics” after all. Maybe my other blog, “ORGANIZE-Take Muskegon Back” is the better name for this endeavor. That is the blog where I'm trying to learn how to organize voters.

Either way, I remember Nick at Right Michigan before the primaries of 08 advising to find a conservative candidate and do all you can to get him or her elected. This will be my conservative pick this time around.

Representative Goeff Hansen is my pick because all the above speak to the character of the man. We do not need more clever politicians to craft clever answers to our questions and come up with shifty new policies that incorporate what they tell us we want to hear. Below is a link where I got the quote before that which perfectly sums up how I feel about the political class.

-----quote from link------
The media just don’t seem to get it and official Washington seems to be oblivious to the rising resentment the governed have toward the political class which arrogantly contemplates how to “reposition” themselves to appear to understand the anger and frustration. They think they are clever speaking one way to their constituents and differently to one another as though they are performers on stage with the issues of the day as their script. Their weakness is that they don’t know how transparent they are to their audience. Their failure to find workable solutions for any problem - that doesn’t involve massive federal bureaucracy - has inspired many people, who have felt disenfranchised for a long time, to take matters into their own hands.

After I heard an un-waffle answer, something happened. I started to want to hear some more of the same. Simple honesty once heard speaks more of a person and their character than all the consultants with their graphs and charts.

Forgive this first rush of adrenalin; I’m sure he is human. But that’s the point isn’t it?

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.


Going to sneak another blog in, right here under your noses.

I left the above meeting and hurried down to the “Veterans Appreciation Event” being put on by “Muskegon Patriots”. I have been working with Josh Charney the leader of Muskegon Patriots along with several others to help put on the event. Compared to the previous Tea Party event, the turnout was smaller. We planned on that due to the nature of the event, and the threat of rain also played a part. We did have a nice event with by my count, over 50 people braving the elements. Our shirt, hat and button sales did well for our first effort.

Josh Charney MC’d the event and gave a nice introduction to the two veterans who gave their talk. I thought veteran Chris Beck gave a very good and heartfelt talk about what it meant to him others to give what they gave in the service of our country.

Chris Beck also talked about what it means to service men and women to get backing from their government as well as from us civilians. He suggested picking a veterans group and giving them some support. Chris’s talk was real, it touched me and as I could see others also.

Who is that guy with the pitch fork, I've seen him before?

Luckily, I knew I would probably be late and as I was in charge of hawking the Shirts etc; I needed a rescue; therefore I was happy when I asked my friend Larry to come early and set up tables to sell the wares and he consented. By the time I arrived the event was in full swing. The sound system Chris Beck brought was banging out the patriotic music and the first speaker was getting ready to speak. Larry had everything organized and displayed beautifully.
Goeff Hansen and his wife showed up a little after I did and I was glad to see him there listening and not politicking. He and his wife Tammy seemed to be taking it all in and looked like they were happy to do just that. A break from politicking for a change.

That’s it for me. However, the Muskegon Patriots are planning more things and I’ll keep you posted here and on my side bar under the calendar etc. Their website is below.


Regards, (again) Live Dangerously Be A Conservative.

To see pics and comment on Sunday's activities, click the link below.


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