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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Updates, Current Projects

Best wishes to David Farhat

Before any updates, I would like to offer my prayers and well wishes to David Farhat our Muskegon County Republican Chairman and past 91st state Rep. who will soon be undergoing back surgery.

1. “Adopt a Precinct”.

Just called the Mike Nofs' Campaign for an update and talked with Steve Sachs. The campaign is in the middle of their Jobs First Bus Tour of the 19th State Senate District comprised of Jackson and Calhoun Counties. Steve said Mike was excited by the large turnouts he has been seeing. I was excited by the way Mike is conducting this campaign. This Jobs First Bus Tour is a “Bottom Up Politics” type of thing.

I then asked Steve about the “Adopt a Precinct” program and whether they were making headway. I was hoping for something positive. I got more good news than I wanted. Muskegon County no longer has to worry about me pushing the “Adopt a Precinct” program. It’s too late for us. Steve said of the 167 precincts in the 19th Senate District they only have 12 left to fill and they will be filled by the end of the week. Sounds like a lot of counties around the state realized the importance of this race and put their efforts where their mouths were.

From the response I received from Muskegon County, I see that I need to work on my Salesmanship skills. Anyway that is awesome news for the Nofs Campaign. Steve said I was welcome to join up on my own and others also. I’m debating, what about any of you? A little door to door in a foreign county seem like fun?

He also said that the county chairs will be mailed a letter asking for financial help. I told him good luck with that. Lol.

Kudos however to the State Party, Terri Reid and Holly for their roles in making this happen.

As I’ve blogged in the past this election is more important than just getting a better majority in the Senate; it is about showing voters that the Republicans are not dead. It could be about drop kicking some enthusiasm into other close races across the state the following year (2010). For all you sports fans, it is about momentum. This Special Election could be great for the Party. Mike Nofs is a serious fiscal Conservative. This will be a crucial race for us to win.

I feel Mike Nofs seems to have found a way to tap into the angst out there as evidenced by the Tea Party popularity. But make no mistake the Dems will throw everything including the kitchen sink into this race to stop that from happening. Dirty politics won’t take long to emerge. If Mike wins against that onslaught; other Candidates should take note for the elections in 2010.

2. The Precinct Delegate program.

We have formed a PD Committee headed by Pat Uriarte. We had our first ever Precinct Delegate Training/get together, it went well. One is feeding the other. The party has agreed to let it run itself and is available to help as needed. It is really now up to the individual PDs to accept the responsibilities that go along with the job.

Jim Riley has started a separate blog for the PDs/Volunteers of Norton Shores and its 11 precincts. I agree with his concept which is to expand the duties of the PD to include actually getting “hands on” with the Precinct politics. A knowledgeable voter is what we need afterall. On his new blogsite he has linked to the city meeting sites as well as the county commission sites. Jim wanted to get a site up. He will be adding to it and tweaking it as it happens. Hopefully this site and others like it will help provide the tools for citizens to see how the government works and then be empowered to work toward making changes as they see fit. Sites like this are a way also of creating a local internet meeting place to share easily ideas in between meetings.
3. Carmen Group

We had a lively discussion at our Thurs. morning Carmen Group about everything under the sun, but mainly about what to do about our Muskegon County Website. A meeting of those interested and the principles involved is to take place Friday at 2:00pm. Nerves are being twisted a little on this one. There is however agreement that something needs to be done; and that is the main thing. We all have solutions and ideas, but none of us really know what will work with the set up we have, what can be changed easily and what requires what I call major change to the site. We are meeting with the person to be in charge of it for the first time at least in a while. We will figure it out; because on that there is a consensus.

I feel it important to have a focal point, a portal to what the County Party is doing; both for the party people, and the general public as well. We will be setting up the basics Friday such as a phone # and contact #s, make sure all the buttons work and start coming up with new things. I guess like a lot of things in our party that need changing, we first need to start, and setting up an infrastructure that is easily changeable is key. As we learn new ways, we need to be able to adapt our structure to reflect those things we learn.

I was asked to do Interviews with Township elected officials to put on the website. I came up with a proposal and we’ll find out if it will fly.

4. Love Community Garden is all ready.

A few of us have already planted our plots. A water source is being planned and discussed. We do have a cattle trough with lid for now. It is functional. There has been talk of later in the summer maybe having some sort of event for the gardeners to get to know each other better and swap ideas and friendship. A picnic sounds nice to me.

5. Tea Party News.

The Tea Party in Muskegon which was a huge success has spawned further action. One of the leaders Josh Charney has set up a web site. . Building upon that enthusiasm there is another event planned for Sat. 5/23/09 at the Veterans Park in the Causeway. This event will be to celebrate and honor our veterans past and present. Also another Tea Party nationaly is planned for July 4th. Right now Muskegon is thinking along the lines of renting a bus to drive to Lansing where a big event is planned. This is still in the planning stage and may change. If you want input into what will happen, check out the above site for the times and location for planning meetings for these events. All are welcome. My job for the 23rd event was to get tee shirts, hats, and buttons made. They are. A hat tip is in order to “Shirts n Stuff” for quality, friendly and fast service while you wait. I will then man a table at the event to sell them, to help defray the cost of the event. A new couple is bringing pop and water in a cooler which I’ll be selling also.

There was a misunderstanding about the location of this event and I’m here to confirm that it is at the Causeway. NOT Heritage Landing, or the LST or anywhere else. Join the Revolution. See you there.
6. Blue Sky Lions.

The new Blue Sky Lions of Muskegon is having a really rocky start. I don’t know if it will live up to its promise. For example we were offered a booth at The Fruitport Old Fashioned Days and we couldn’t find enough volunteers to make it work. That would have been a good first fund raiser for us. We gave it back to the Fruitport Lions hopefully they will still have enough time to get volunteers and have a fund raiser for themselves. I and another are going to volunteer to help them out. So if you’re at the Old Fashioned Days put a quarter down on the Candy Bar Game table and help support your local Lions.

I just heard about an emergency meeting of Blue Sky Monday. That doesn’t sound good to me, I’ll keep you posted.
7. Marion's Nelson Community Food Pantry

Also helped Marion from Nelson Community Association pick up a truckload of food for his Food Pantry from the Postal Workers Food Drive Tues. The food picked up by the Postal Workers gets hauled to the Shiloh Tabernacle out by Russell Rd. From there it is distributed to the Pantries around Muskegon. We’re on the list. I drive Marion once a year and we load up my truck and haul it back to his Pantry. I actually enjoy helping my old friend, plus I got a can of my favorite, Corned Beef out of the deal.

That is pretty much what I’ve been doing in my neck of the woods lately.

Never forget to ask, “What Can I Do Today”, and you’ll never get bored. lol

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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