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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time's a Wasting

It’s OK to be Right.

If that is too much to swallow for the faint of heart; you can start by saying It’s OK to think that there is a right and wrong.

It that is still too radical, just say It’s OK to think for myself.

Cultural Change needs to happen to think those things. The Me generation has to learn the Me and Thee ideas.

Why should I waste my time with politics? Politics is how Me becomes Thee.

I know all about Big Government and Big Business and Big Labor and the smaller my Freedom gets as they get bigger.

What can I do? Will it make a difference? Please re-listen to the last two minutes
of the following link to a speech Newt Gingrich recently made. ps over a million hits.

513,000 candidates are needed to run for all the offices in the country in both parties.

What good can I do about finding half a million candidates.

Remember those ½ million come from all the precincts around the nation. If I can find one and then find other friends etc to go out and vote; then when we vote, we will have taken our neighborhood back.

That is one exponent of Exponential change.

To do that is not impossible. It can be done without getting your toes cut off from frostbite or taking a bullet. It can be done by getting off our butts and walking into a local Republican HQ and talking and learning and above all learning to act. By setting up a HQ if you don’t have one.

It can be done by talking to your neighbors and doing those things you preach about.
Well, if I vote – I won’t be wasting that ½ hour once a year or two.

If I get on the ballot as a Precinct Delegate, I won’t be wasting another 10 hours a year.


That link above gives you links to find out if you are registered, what precinct you’re in and a handbook about Precinct Delegates, and all the necessary forms etc to become one. Once at the link above, move your mouse over the “How Can I Help” button on the left and see the dropdown menu to see how you can help candidates and the local party. Or simply donate and take the easy way out.

If I volunteer for Party functions that help my neighborhood, there is some more time I won’t be wasting.

If I volunteer to help a candidate, I will have not wasted even more time.

If I vote for a candidate I have helped and he or she wins, I will not have wasted so much time I will feel righteous.

In short Time’s a Wasting. Sign up deadline for Precinct Delegates is May 11th, 2010.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

You need any info or help let me know.
Bob Carr

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