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Thursday, December 17, 2009

An Old Fachioned Christmas

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The smile and wonderment on the faces in the picture above came about by the work and loving effort of Marve Engle pictured below from Englewood Farms; along with the Fruitport Lions Club, Fruitport Schools, Fruitport Township, Village Inn, Fruitport Foods, and Copies and More; who put on an “old time holiday celebration with hayrides, outdoor lighted Christmas tree, carols being sung by the fire, chili and hot chocolate was served across the street at the VFW.

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This was a two day event Dec. 16th and 17th from 6-8pm. I missed the first day but came to the second evening. I’m glad I did. This was all about the kids. Marve told me they thought about 300 neighbors attended the 16th, I would guess 200 or so came the 17th.

As I approached on Airline Rd. I saw some flashing blue lights and knew them to be the police. I had hoped no one was hurt. I was relieved to see that two police cars were blocking Airline Rd. to let the families walk across the street from the parking lot of the VFW where they were serving the hot chocolate,chili and other goodies; to the other side to see the lighted trees, bonfire, carolers and hay rides. Hats off to them for directing traffic and keeping everyone safe.

The carolers were from the Fruitport Middle and the High Schools. My videos do not do them justice but hopefully will give you a glimpse of what went on. the videos are at the end of the pictures below. Maybe next year you can all come and see for yourself.

The hayrides were a big hit for kids and grownups too; they were going nonstop. I walked back to the VFW and ate some chili and hot chocolate. Then up roared a fire engine with the sirens going and off hopped Santa who went into the VFW.

The line quickly formed and the kids had a ball. By the number of pictures you can probably tell this was the part I liked the best. I kept seeing my kids when they were at that age; with fear, joy, excitement and curiosity all rolled up into the moment when they tried to get the courage to sit on Santa’s lap. Some didn’t quite make it.

This Santa was really like a Santa should be. He was kind and took his time to listen to the kids and let the parents take pictures; candy canes were given out to each one after seeing Santa.

As I left, I felt warmed up and not just by the fire.

My hats off to Fruitport for making a Christmas celebration that a lot of kids and parents will long remember fondly.

Below are all the pics I took of everything especially of the kids, I’m not going to pick and choose how could I? I apologize for not taking pics of all the kids, my batteries died. There is always next year.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative Merry Christmas

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God Bless

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