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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Busy Oceana County Republican Meeting

I attended the Oceana Co. Republican business meeting Tues. and not only enjoyed the well attended affair but learned a few things. Below is the only Picture I have of Juanita Pierman the Oceana County Chair. She is the lovely lady in the yellow slicker. This was a pic I took at the recent Oceana County Fair. Other Candidates were there as you can see. They all are huddled around our Republican Presidential Candidate for 2032. We are already as you can see teaching him the ways of a Community Organizer.

County Chair, Juanita Pierman ran the meeting in a very relaxed yet business like way.
A topic that garnered a lot of discussion was the “Cap and Trade” seminar they are sponsoring for Next Wed, Dec. 9th please see Calendar for details.

Juanita passed around a sign up sheet for volunteers to help out at the event to be ushers and help sign up the people who attend. I signed along with another fellow Muskegonite who will be attending and giving me a ride Jim Riley, of MuskegonPundit fame.

I think Juanita who was the main force behind this was pleased with the number of volunteers.

Bob Springstead the State Party Committeeman along with Barb Vanderveen the State Party Vice Chair were there also. Of interest to me was the notion that a County Chair handbook is being written and from talking with Barb and previously with Faith in Ottawa Co. hopefully this will be a useful document. A document that will help the State understand that they need to play a part in helping or facilitating the County Chairs accomplish what they will be told they need to accomplish.

After the meeting I talked with Barb about accessibility and ease of use with Voter Vault. I was also able to put a plug in for my pet project which is the enlargement of Precinct Delegates. My specific idea to Barb was that in the handbook for County Chairs it be recommended that the Chairs give to each elected PD a welcome package. This should include a handbook of what a PD’s duties are and a way to do those duties. I suggested that the State Party should provide online a digital map of every precinct in the state, a map large enough with the street names and boundries of the Precinct visible to the naked eye. Again this would help the County Chairs put together a welcome packet.

I also put in a plug to loosen up access to voter vault by PDs perhaps through the OK by the County Chairs. If you can’t trust the County Chairs who can you?

I was excited to see that Barb actually wrote down the part about a welcome packet for the new PDs as part of the County Chairs duties. She listened about the State’s duties that I mentioned above but whether the State will is another question.

The election season was definitely in the air with an assortment of candidates and their reps present. Juanita passed along all the information she was given by those not able to attend without bias. The Starting Block again provided lunch which was good with soup and sandwiches and a couple of desserts due to a miscommunication from the Chair. It was agreed that some miscommunication may be a good thing. Lol

The Meetings for Jan and Feb. will not be held. The next meeting for the Oceana County Republicans will be in March. The regular meeting time (the first Tuesday of the month at noon) will try to be maintained. The meeting place which was normally Sully’s will have to change as Sully’s will not be coming back. Keep track of my Calendar as I will update info as soon as I get it.

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