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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

1stTeddy,then IKE, now ???

The Country is crying out for a reform candidate, someone to stop the corruption. From City Hall to the White House..

Remember Teddy breaking up the Monopolies? And rooting out the corruption they spawned?

Remember IKE warning of a Military Industrial complex and the corruption they foster?

Who now will we remember?

Obamanomics. Wrong title, great book.

Such a selfserving name, I almost overlooked the book. Thanks to PJTV however I didn’t. Below is a Bill Whittle interview with the author of Obanomics Timothy Carney.


This guy is singing my tune. When I say I’m angry with Big Government; I always throw in Big Business and Big Labor. They have always seemed to work most efficiently together. What they create so efficiently is corruption. I wrote a blog about it and coined the term Trimopoly describing how, since monopolies were outlawed, big business seemed to gather in three’s. Home Depot, Lowes, and Menards, comes to mind. I googled it and I really seem to be the first to use that term. Pat Pat Pat.


As the Obamanomics points out in the video, Big Business after it reaches a certain size finds government regulation an affordable way to stop smaller business from competing.

I have not read the book but will in the near future. As I listened to the part of the interview about the pharmas and government colluding in order to get everyone insured and having the medications paid for by the government; I couldn’t help but think the title of the book if written a couple of years ago could have been called Bushonomics: hence the “self-serving” I said earlier.

Everyone from the Greeks to our Founding Fathers who wrote the Constitution; understood that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. The Constitution was written to establish a new way to guard against that corruption. Through the checks and balances of the 3 branches of government, free ballots of the powerful, along with the Bill of Rights enshrining individual freedom; we had a good run of Citizen Government.

From President Dwight David Eisenhower onward it became known that the checks were breaking down and Big Business along with Big Government were corrupting the system.


The President’s warning was the first national example of this corruption in a new form since the Days of Teddy Roosevelt breaking up the monopolies.

Now with Obomonomics, a case is made and it seems clear that Big Labor has joined that exclusive club and the corruption is becoming apparent if not unstoppable.

Perhaps it is now time again for a Republican (spurned on by the Tea Party people or not) to step up and fight against the corruption that is wrecking America. We have danced around it and starts are being made such as on the Internet with Breitbart and the ACORN boondoggle; but a comprehensive coordinated attack needs to be done.

The Tea Party has spawned a political action arm called the Independent Caucus or Icaucus. They seem to be headed in the right direction.


There are a series of videos at I Caucus which show the effect of some 35,000 lobbyists in Washington and how much money they through around to both parties. Corruption?? You be the judge. – Please.

The briber and the bribee are both at fault do not forget. The Candidates are not victims either. They are paid well and have good fringes. The corruption comes in the same way as the book Obanomics claims that Big Business along with Big Government through regulation squeezes out the little guy, the Citizen.

In my home town, if you want to be a candidate in my state representative district race you are told that it will be a ½ million dollar effort. The state party also will tell you that they will definitely not help any candidates out until after the primary. So unless you have a hundred Thousand $$$ to spend or unlimited time to trade for that money; the idea of an ordinary citizen having the wherewithal to compete is effectively taken off the table.

Some are trying to do this but the effort to overcome the obstacles is huge. Campaigns now are run by paid volunteers. Some candidates even are paying people to walk in parades with them.
If you trade time for money to overcome this, ask yourself how many face to face encounters does a candidate have to make to counter a campaign blitz of paid volunteers going door to door and County wide mailings at a few $1,000 a pop, and all the other media promotions? The Candidate that wants to overcome that should start going door to door today - every day - over and over then declare their candidacy for the upcoming election in 2014. Remember that a lot of these Citizen candidates have to actually work for a living and maintain a family - so maybe a 7 year effort is required and 2016 would be more realistic. Gee I think I might join the PTA instead.

When I see a Grassroot type of Candidate I take their hat off to them for their sincerity in their effort if not always for their cause.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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