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Friday, December 11, 2009

Blizzard in the "Five Counties"

Blizzard in the “Five Counties”

Politics is not immune to the effects of the ravages of West Michigan’s winter storms.

Cancellations due to our recent Blizzard included, Oceana’s planned “Cap and Trade” forum to be put on by the Randall’s out of Chicago. Then the Mason County Republicans had to cancel their Executive Business meeting. At the other events held or attended by “Five County” Republicans attendance was spotty yet due to conditions, those attending had that special camaraderie such weather and events occasion.

Muskegon’s Carmen Group was held for the 70th consecutive time, but only 4 showed up. Muskegon GOP had its 2nd and final day of ringing the Salvation Army Bell at Wal-Mart on Henry and while a couple of Politicians couldn’t make it for various reasons, a full crew braved the weather and all went well as the pictures below show.

The last Pic is of Kay Punter hoisting a youngster up to the kettle to make a donation; which reveals that even in these economic times the goodness of people is still there and they are passing it on to their chiledren. I missed taking pictures of the last two bell ringers, Don Sheff and Doug Thorstenson. Also Jim Riley did yoemans work being there every hour for two days to make sure everyone made it and was set up with the right stuff. He also took pics of everyone. I would like to echo his, the event chairman Jim Riley’s sentiments; and thank all those that stood for an hour or more in the cold and rang the Salvation Army Bell. Thanks also to the Salvation Army for the tireless work they do year-round.

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That evening Holly Hughes held a fundraiser at Hagger’s Hideaway in Lakeside. It was good to see the turnout despite the terrible weather. All were warm and cozy and the Evans cooked up a fine Spaghetti and meat ball dinner with all the trimmings and plenty of volunteered deserts. I along with everyone had a good time meeting with the old and new faces there.

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Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Unknown said...

Thankfully we haven't been hit too hard on our side of the state (Metro Detroit) so I've been able to make all the political events I wanted to. I'm trying to cram as much as I can now because there is no way I'll be getting on our roads once the snow really comes.
By the way, great blog!

live dangerously said...

Thanks, Christopher.

I mean it is Michigan and Winter, sometimes I think we do get spoiled. Sounds like you're a political nut like me.

What about that Granderson deal. Man I'll miss that guy.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative