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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Activist Training, Held in Jackson Thurs.

Went to the following Tuesday.

I had also signed up earlier in the day for the phone town hall being put on by the National AFP which included speakers Jim Demint and Michelle Bachman. The problem was that they were going on at the same time. So there I was listening to my cell phone in one ear and trying to catch as much of the Jackson affair from the other.
Needless to say I missed a lot. But I also need to say I learned a lot. Early on it became apparent that I could get more out of the Jackson affair than the national town hall. I still listened to my cell phone but only keyed into certain parts. My attention was drawn to the live show. I'll post later if I can find a recording of the telephone townhall.

This live affair “Citizens in Action” which I call the Jackson event was held at the small but beautiful Spring Arbor University near Jackson Mi. I was as always glad to see Jack Hoogendyk in attendance with Scott Hagerstrom for AFP. Former US Congressman Tim Walberg was there also as a keynote speaker. James Muffett from the co-sponsor Citizens for Traditional Values was also there and speaking.

Tim Walberg reminded me why I liked him so much when he was in the US House. What he said came from the heart and that is refreshing to see for a politician these days. I am and have been a big fan of the Republican Study Group, which is the caucus of conservative US Reps. Walberg’s talk of them and his membership in the group was animated; it brought back memories for me as well. Here is a link to it. I see Tim is running to regain that seat he lost in 08. The seat is for Michigan’s 7th Congressional centered around Jackson and Albion. Here is his campaign link I wished him luck. I will do what I can from Muskegon to help this conservative.

As a side note this 7th US Congressional Dist. Has in it Calhoun and most of Jackson counties which make up the 19th Michigan Senate Dist. This district is having a special election this November and the Republicans are hoping to gain a State Senate seat. Our candidate is Mike Nofs. A win in this special election would provide needed momentum for not only Tim Walberg but also Michigan Republicans in general. Here is Mike Nofs website. I donated to his $19 for the 19th effort. I talked with some people at the Jackson event Thurs. and they were all excited about the Nofs election coming up.

Am I dreaming or could this be the start of a rude awakening of the condescending left to the power of common sense against their bullying ways?

James Muffett from Citizens for Traditional Values was someone I had never heard before. I have been looking hi and low for places or programs that will train Precinct Delegates and just plain activists in general. The Republican Party at best has nothing and at worst tends to dismiss that kind of thing. If you follow this blog you know I made a pilgrimage to Livingston county to see a PD workshop put on by someone not directly affiliated with the party. I then tried to put together a PD Workshop through the help of the State Party and it fell apart. Their words definitely fell short of their deeds, as I freely admit so did mine.

Thursday night here was this guy Muffett talking of Precinct Delegates and more importantly about training all activists and even setting up classes for the youth that would teach them of what the government actually is and how it works. For me James Muffett stole the show. While his evangelical style of speaking put me off, I was hooked by the message. What he said he set up was too good for me to believe without further proof. I started to do some research.

Mr. Muffett talked of SSI Student Statesmanship Institute; he talked of transferring truth to the next generation through teaching students about government and how to get involved through fun and work filled work sessions in a concentrated “summer camp” setting. Dig into the site above and you can imagine the good this program is doing. Amy Hawkins, a graduate of SSI gave a short talk and it was obvious that SSI can do wonders with the raw talent that our youth represent.

The talent of James Muffett was not only spent on the youth. His whole purpose is to organize through the churches throughout the state. He hopes to find candidates across the state to fill all the local county and state positions. After talking with him and others in his group I feel this man has his fingers reaching all across the state; I feel this guy can do what he says. With our help of course.

I have previously blogged about how the liberals have a huge army of foot soldiers in the form of Union people, SEIU comes to mind. Their infra structure is in place and can be called up on demand. Ours isn’t, ours can’t. The Liberals can ship people when and where they want. I’ve also pointed out that in the past the only foot soldiers Republicans and Conservatives have had are the churches. In the Reagan and Republican Revolutions they were organized and they worked. In the 06 and 08 elections the churches were not well organized they were shunned. We lost.

As a side note, Jackson's own Democrat Mark Schauer who by the way is running against Mike Nofs in the upcoming Special State Election this Nov. had this protest last week at his office. It was billed as a pro Obamacare rally. Later a big stink was made because it was found out that union people were bussed in from around the state from as far away as Detroit(76 miles) and Muskegon (146 Miles). See link below to RightMichigan and an article by the Blogprof.
At the event I went to Thurs, there were people that counter protested the Obamacare rally. At the beginning of the event they asked for people from the West side of the state. I raised my hand and volunteered that I was bussed in from Muskegon. It brought the house down. It was obvious that I wasn't bussed but spent my own gas money to make it there. I wasn't the furthest either. We had a couple from Traverse City.

The beauty I saw within this meeting was that AFP, Americans For Prosperity which is a Free Market more fiscal orientated conservative group had joined with the Citizens For Traditional Values which is a faith orientated organization. This combination not only worked but brought out people from across the state to unite under a common cause. The planners had thought of 20 or 30 people but were surprised at the turnout of well over 100. 160 had RSVP’d.

What impressed me was the nature of the people who attended. They were serious about what was going on in the country. They were not all waving individual flags for their individual causes, they were there to learn. I was there to learn, I was there to network. I did both.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

PS >> Update. 08/24/09. CTV highlighted this post on their site. Scroll down to the 4th entry under "Recent News+Interests of CTV", titled "Citizens in Action Grassroots Training - Wonderful Results!"

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