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Monday, August 24, 2009

Plenty of Deadly Duo's

The Deadly Duo.

Deadly to Michigan that is. The “Tiresome Twosome” of course is Cherry and Granholm. They are Deadly to Michigan's economy, therefore the Democrat Party because the latest Rasmussen poll is out and is showing that Duo is taking a toll on the voters, and bringing out another “Deadly Duo”.


If I was the Democrat Party in Michigan I would look at the Cherry Granholm administration and see skull and crossbones waving in the fresh breeze of “common sense” that is blowing through Michigan. Their administration has been deadly to the party and to the economy of Michigan for the last eight years.

The Rasmussen Poll above seems to prove that beyond doubt and brings out the other “Deadly Duo”; only 2 people out of every one hundred think the economy of Mi was doing well. The other 98 think otherwise; that includes a lot of Democrats. Only a couple of the most whacked out left wing loonies are left believing the Granholm Cherry rhetoric.

Outside of the fact that Ms. Governor Granholm has been constantly losing approval numbers; two things stood out in this poll.

1. While 44% approve of Graholm’s performance, the people who strongly disapprove of her greatly outweigh those who strongly favor her by 39%-22%.
2. While the article says, “. The state (Michigan) has gone for every Democratic presidential candidate since 1992.”: the article goes on to say the President’s healthcare plan is opposed by a margin on 47%-51% and again those who strongly oppose it outnumber those strongly in favor of it by a margin of 44%-29%.

The astonishing thing I get out of all this is that Republicans have gained the emotional edge. The Dems are just talking the party line, but the Republicans are talking from the heart. They are feeling abused and walked upon. They seem to be saying no more Mr nice guy. Along with and on top of the already familiar refrains of “Enough is Enough”. They seem to be finding their voice.

Going into the new election cycle the Dems have reason to be feeling nervous. Michigan GOPers need to unite behind this emotion being shown by the electorate, let the electorate lead the party for a change; let this be the year of Bottom Up Politics. This can happen if the Political Party Bureaucrats in Lansing and Washington will let it.

I personally remember the giggling and snickering from the all knowing party leaders when I started pushing the “Tea Party” thing, and before that the “Drill Here, Drill Now” thing. Some weren’t however thank goodness, and I'm grateful to the likes of a Newt, then Boehner and Burton, and Tom Price and Tim Walberg, and McCotter and especially Riley.

Now more are listening. We have a real chance here to keep the momentum if we can just keep the professional computer model makers out of it. If the likes of Steele and Wiser can keep their hands off and just offer to help them, then this can happen. This (what is happening now) is the raw data that will make up future computer models; This is a new The Deadly Duo.

This (what is happening now) is the new raw data that will make up future computer models; we have a chance here to make history. We are making a new paradigm.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

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