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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Raising Hell in Michigan

Mich. Lawmakers in the News

Politico came out with this headline, “Groups target GOP on cap-and-trade” written by Ben Smith.


Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mi.Parts of Wayne and Oakland Counties) the "rocking congressman"; is the headliner of the piece. McCotter has been one of the most eloquent of those speaking out about Cap and Trade and the Obama Care plan. This is one person you will not see Democrats willing to debate. He is one sharp cookie. His style is subtle and British leaving opponents wondering what happened.
McCotter is equally at home on TV, the floor of the House, and in his rock band. Below is a debate on Hardball with Chris Mathews.


If you look at the other McCotter You Tube videos you’ll see why the Dems are spending so much and are so afraid of people like him.

In the article they refer later to the idea that there were Democrats who voted against the bill and further on they mention that the same cabal of Interest Groups will be targeting also two of their own party that bucked the party line.

If you notice even further on they conjecture one of the purposes of the attack on the four states from which the House members hail are all energy producers which puts pressure on the Senators from them to vote in the Senate against the Cap and Trade Bill. The real battle is coming up in the Senate.

My belief is that if the Obama care plan is put down then the momentum will be in the Republican favor to help put a stop to the cap and trade bill in the Senate. The Democrats seem to feel this and are fighting back. The money mentioned will run into the millions for this alledged campaign orientated ad attack for the upcoming 2010 election. But if that was all it was after it would make better sense to spend it closer to the election which is still over a year away. That they want to flex their muscle to try to intimidate the Senators from Michigan and the other states involved in their ad campaign seems a more likely scenario.

As the title of this blog alludes to, there are more than one Michigan lawmaker in the national news.

Mike Rogers (R-Mi) has put out the following video.


Let us not forget the Republican Leader of Michigan, one of the original “Young Turks” of the Republican Revolution leading the way, the former Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee and now ranking member who is continually in the news currently raking Pelosi over the GITMO/Standish coals, Congressman Peter Hoekstra, (R-Mi) is running for Governor of Michigan.

In the Mi. State House there is Goeff Hansen (R-Hart) who has introduced HB 5202, which the Muskegon Area Chamber of Commerce says of this amendment to the Renaissance Zone Act, “is a step in the right direction."

The Mason County Growth Alliance wrote, "The Mason County Growth Alliance supports this bill as an additional economic tool to encourage start-up businesses. Currently, the state does not offer anything like this, and we believe it would be a tremendous addition to our entrepreneurial support system. We commend Representative Hansen for listening to our concerns and coming up with a possible solution."

Representative Hansen’s amendment is an attempt to make something already on the books more diverse and more accountable; in other words a more fiscally accountable bill.

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