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Friday, August 28, 2009

Oceana County Fair Days

Oceana County Fair Days

Drove up to Hart to see the County Fair there Thurs, and to volunteer to help work the Oceana County Republican Party booth. What a Republican winner. What a friendly group of volunteers and crowd. I went up there to not only help but to learn.

Learn I did. The main thing I learned was that the Oceana County Republicans had it together.

I got up there at 4pm and there were 4 people manning the booth, I made it 5. Juanita Pierman their County Republican Chair had told me earlier that they had someone lined up for the booth all four days; from 10am – 8pm working 2 hour shifts. That takes time and a lot of effort. My hat’s off to Juanita.

When I compared this to Muskegon’s effort at our County Fair, I found us wanting. Next year I hope we take note of what Oceana has done and put some more effort into pumping up our base.

Marc Libants, who is running in a crowded primary for Goeff Hansen’s term limited 100th district State House seat was there with a couple of people.

Rebecca J. Griffin, the County Clerk of Oceana was also there working the table. Pete Hoekstra had a couple of his people gathering signatures. Goeff Hansen came later and was the hit of the event. This is his turf and it was apparent.

Add to that the idea of actually having things to do at the booth for the people, like the flag give away, petition signing and brochures, free pencils and pens etc, topped off with free ice cold lemonade and there was a palpable buzz at the Republican booth.

A “sea change” in the political environment is in the air. As with any election there are two parts, firing up the base and getting new people. I believe that it starts of course from the Bottom Up with the base and then the broader public. It’s the buzz of the base that gets others coming to see what they’re missing. This event, this county fair, this county Party is the proof of that pudding.

The Oceana County Republicans were fired up; they organized the County Fair booth into 2 hour shifts, for 4 nine hour days. They came up with interactive things to do. They came together and a buzz was created. The faithful came and created more buzz. It was evident to all who passed by whether they stopped or not whether they were Republican or Democrat. In comparison to the Democrat County booth, the difference was a welcome change to this Republican.

Next year I will volunteer to chair the Muskegon County Republican effort at our Youth Fair I hope they let me. Coming from the 6th Precinct, Ward 2 of the City of Muskegon, I am always heartened and enthused by the attendance at the County Fairs. For me the buzz tells me someone is watching my back. This is definitely our base, and we need to fire them up. This a prime place and next year will be a prime time to also set up a voter registration table to help get out the vote.

So if you see me coming and you don’t want to volunteer; lock your doors and pretend you’re not home because I’ll be knocking.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


MaryLou Schuyler said...

We have a great group of Repulicans in Oceana County....Great organizers and just great's time others take note and see how it's done!!!!

live dangerously said...

Hey I'm with ya MaryLou. In fact I'm leaving now to run up there with a friend to man the tables tonight.

Hope to see you there.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservaive