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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nofs Wins Primary, Dem. vows to change parties

Mike Nofs wins Primary in the Special Election of the 19th State Senate District and sets the table for the general election against Democrat primary winner Griffin.

This was expected as both of their challengers were late into the fray and underfunded. Please see link below from the Jackson Citizen Patriot, written by Chris Gautz


I don’t know about you but after I read the article, I was stunned.

1. Republican voters showed up to vote 2/1 over the Democrats.
2. While turnout was abysmal, it was twice as abysmal for the Democrats.
3. There seems a complete lack of excitement on the Griffin side
4. Seems obvious that Mike Nofs has out campaigned Griffin and out fundraised him.

From my initial encounter with Mike Nofs and consequent blogs about this race I realized that he was a worker, here was someone that knew how to campaign, knew the value of door to door. That hard work seems to be paying off. In fundraising, it seems like Griffin is waiting for a stimulus check. If the Democrat party wants any chance it will have to bail out Griffin and take him to the woodshed and talk to the guy.

Another amazing unexpected quote from the article follows from Griffin's challenger and fellow Dem. at least for now. lol

-----quote from the article-----
Renier said she plans to run for Congress again next fall — this time as a Republican.
"I am so fed up with the Democratic Party I can't stand it," she said. "I won't run as a Democrat again."

Notice she is not fed up with the Democrat party because they are not liberal enough, but because they cannot generate election victories for her with their liberal agenda.

This should send shock waves down through the Democrat party. I hope they don't pay attention. I hope we do.

This is an early harbinger of bad news for the Dems. Hopefully if Mike Nofs and the Republicans can capitalize on it; this may well be the harbinger for the 2010 elections that I’m hoping for.

Now is the time to close ranks behind Mike Nofs and show some support from outside the district. The election is 3 months away.

Griffin is right, the Democrat party will be throwing a ton of money into the race. If you go to Mike’s web site you’ll see that you can donate $19 for his campaign for the 19th district. I did. It seems a small enough amount I could afford and if enough people do likewise, well you know the tune.


Congrats Mike, keep up the hard work

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative

>>>>>>>>>>> BREAKING <<<<<<<<<<<<

Steve Sachs from the Nofs campaign returned my call.

When asked why the turnout was so lopsided in favor of Republican Mike Nofs, he alluded to all the hard campaigning they have done. “A ton of door to door” by his crew and Mike himself. Steve reiterated that it was Mike’s message of Jobs and a lot of face to face plus Griffin’s lack of message that got the voters to turn out.

Steve said that, “if we keep up the fight we are well on our way to a big victory” (in the upcoming November election). His spirits were indeed high. Part of that stems from the great organization he told me that has sprung up from volunteers in general and from other campaigns. He said that yesterday in Battle Creek they put out 4,000 phone calls getting people to the polls. That was in one day. !!!!

As far as the party switching of Renier from Democrat to Republican Steve gave me a link to the Battle Creek Enquirer. Priceless.


Below is a quote from the Battle Creek Enquirer in an article written by Barrett Newkirk.

{Renier said she was disappointed by the primary's outcome.
"I'm officially a Republican," she said, adding that she will "absolutely" take on Tim Walberg in the Republican primary for U.S. House District 7 in 2010.
"I am no longer a Democrat," Renier said. "They don't even know when they've got a good candidate."}

The only problem I see is that Tim Walberg doesn’t need the extra competition. That will play itself out later. But right now there must be panic in the Democrat camp. I would think that all the dirty tricks will be pulled out of their old bag to try to scare the voters. Not to mention a ton of money. But you know face to face, door to door will out do the “same old same old” tactics of the Dems. Voters are starting to see through that ploy.

So, to Mike Nofs and his crew and all the volunteers, a big “Two Thumbs, Bottom Up” award; for a job well done and for planting the seeds for a victory in November. Hopefully a harginger for 2010.

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative


Kevin Rex Heine said...

Based on the research I've done, I'm less than thrilled with a Nofs candidacy. But the primaries have been decided and he is the Republican nominee, so let go kick some donkey ass!

live dangerously said...

Ditto that KRH. You can bet the Dems will care less about Griffin and his voting record as they pour money into his campaign. They want the Senate, and I ain't going to help them.
Thanks for stopping by

Regards, Live Dangerously Be A Conservative